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I previously was manually maintaining my list of posts and it was always out of date, so I’ve switched to a list by date. I’ve also added a list of categories at the top and a tag cloud at the bottom to help navigate.

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2024 (3)
  • 06/10 - May Closet Child Haul
    I got annoyed while picking out coords to wear to Fanime because I could not find my dusty rose AP blouse. I haven’t seen it
  • 05/31 - Banana (for Scale)
    Shopping online can be a struggle. I know I personally am particularly bad at figuring out how big something is or isn’t from the photos
  • 05/26 - Fanime 2024: Pop Fashion Show, Handmade Contest and more!
    Fanime’s Jfashion track invited Belladonna out as a guest of honor to the show, and the convention graciously gave them an additional badge for me
2023 (16)
  • 12/29 - AI Art & Lolita Fashion
    For those who aren’t aware, Souffle Song has recently come out with an AI art print, and the most recent Royal Princess Alice print was
  • 12/12 - Winter 2023-2024 Lucky Pack Round Up!
    Lucky Packs, or “Fukubukuro” / 福袋 (sometimes called “Lucky Bags”, “Happy Bags”, “Happy Packs”, “Happy Sets” or sometimes “Special Sets”) are blind bags of clearance
  • 09/10 - Upcoming JFashion Convention: Kei-Con!
    Kei-Con is a Japanese Street Fashion convention located in Toronto Canada. This year the convention will be held from September 29th – October 1st, 2023.
  • 08/22 - Lolita Fashion Exam
    Sharpen your pencils, and put away your phone, it’s time to go back to school for a lolita fashion exam. This quiz is 20 questions,
  • 08/07 - Top 10 Haenuli Dresses By Lolibrary Popularity
    Recently in the Lolibrary Discord we were talking about the wishlist feature and which items were on the most wishlists. I checked a few ‘key’
  • 07/18 - New: Atelier Pierrot Plus Size Bustle Corset JSK MTO
    Atelier Pierrot is re-releasing their iconic Bustle Corset JSK in a total of 4 sizes and 5 colors! It’s Pre-Order / MTO and orders will
  • 07/16 - Lolita History: Pretty
    Lately, I’ve been really interested in researching older brands that influenced early Lolita history. This is what I know about PRETTY.
  • 06/01 - Wardrobe Spotlight: Crowns
    When May’s Bibliotheca theme, Royalty, was announced I was super excited because the print area of the classic side of my wardrobe is almost entirely
  • 04/30 - Violets & Pansies in Lolita
    This month’s theme for Bibliotheca is florals. I initially wanted to write about the language of flowers, but Mukashi no Sewing already had by the
  • 04/09 - Lolita Shoe Care 101
    Most lolita shoes are made out of pleather. Pleather is generally made from a thin layer of plastic bonded over a fabric layer. There are
  • 04/05 - Waku Waku NYC 2015 Recap!
    I’ve been going through my 210+ drafts to try to publish out some of what has been sitting in my WIP folder for a while.
  • 04/01 - Response to: What is “Lolita”: Zipper Magazine – October 1994
    In 1994, Zipper magazine, which would have been a competitor with Cutie, and with Kera when it started several years later, ran an article as
  • 03/31 - Bibliotheca March: Trends in 90s Lolita Hair Accessories
    This month’s theme for Bibliotheca is hair accessories and hats. I’ve written a few things about hair accessories in the past like the history of
  • 03/14 - Angelic Pretty Spring 2023 Collection
    While ChatGPT definitely can’t write a blog post about Angelic Pretty’s latest collection, I just got in my copy of the lookbook, so I can!
  • 03/10 - Can ChatGPT Replace Me as a Blogger?
    There have been a lot of really interesting articles in the tech world lately about ChatGPT and it's ability (or lack of ability) to write accurate essays, news articles and blog posts. So, for fun, I asked it to write me a couple blogs posts...
  • 02/22 - Katsucon 2023
    This past weekend I got to attend Katsucon along with my girlfriend who is one of the designers for Belladonna. I don’t usually blog about
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