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Coming Soon From Juliette et Justine, April 2016!

I managed to pick up Juliette et Justine’s April 2016 catalog today, and I wanted to share some of the upcoming pieces.


I think this is a re-release? The headdress might be new though.


I think the caption for this one says ローブドフロマージュ (Robe de Frommage)? It looks like a still life of food. It’s a nice change from normal lolita food prints which tend to be hyper focused on candy and fruit.


ローブドバランチセリエ (Robe de blanchisserie?)

I’m not sure if I translated the name on this one correctly or not, but if it says what I think it says, I think this is literally “Laundry JSK”. I guess the weirdly grumpy looking woman is doing laundry? in a tiny pot?


ローブドマガシン未ドルデブジーカトリック (Robe de magasin a un dollar de bougie catholique?)

This is the weirdest of all the pieces in the catalog. It reminds me of those candles with saints on them? AP did just put similar images on Cecilia cross, but still, it seems strange to me.

What do you think?

April Fools~!

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