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Lolita Fashion History


There are a ton of sites out there that I like, but here are just a couple I’m fond of:

Lolibrary – The biggest database of lolita fashion items. It has past items from most major lolita brands, from many years. With 14,690 items documented as of November 14th 2012, It’s still a long way from being complete;but contains most major releases from most major brands. Plus, it’s open for submissions so if you can’t find an item, and know a little about it, you can add it in (as well as comments, reviews, etc).

Fyeah Lolita – A great blog written by the super knowledgeable Caro-chan. She’s got a bunch of really great info for new lolita, and some great thought provoking posts for more experienced lolita as well.

Lolita Washing Instructions Database – A spreadsheet of washing information for lolita items. You can add items you own via a form.

Lolita Updates – A facebook group for news about lolita fashion.

Big Sisters of Lolita Fashion – A facebook group for asking lolita fashion related questions.

Lolita Valentines – Compliment someone in the community secretly!

Rufflechat – A facebook discussion group for lolita fashion.

My Pinterest – I keep my wishlist, a WIP closet, some interesting lolita and fashion boards and a board of neat stuff I find in online J-Fashion second hand shops here.

My Tumblr – Random stuff I like, basically.

Deco-Loli Tumblr – A Tumblr for Deco-Loli

Lolita Blog Carnival – Weekly writing prompts for lolita blogers.


Defunct Resources

HelloLace – With 6,154 items documented as of November 13th 2012, HelloLace was the 2nd largest database of lolita fashion items. It had a great option that let you view a TON of items (even all the items in there) on a single page, which was great for a quick visual search. Unfortunately, the owner of the site left lolita, and the site was neglected. Eventually, it was compromised, and the owner took it down and let the domain lapse. It’s now an unsafe site, and visiting it is not recommended.

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