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Peppermint Fox Pin Review: Positive!

Peppermint Fox is an Otome brand based out of Australia which makes clothing and absolutely darling little pins. I ordered a couple pins from them a while back, and bought another at the Palace of Princes Nightfall event, and have really enjoyed them.

So when they said they were re-releasing their tiny companions series (which is the series the pins I have are from), I jumped at the chance to pick up some more of their darling little animals. The older pins have a layer of clear resin on the top of the image, however, due to a health concern over the artists handling the resin, they switched to a clear sealant instead. Both the older and newer pins are wooden with a nice thickness to them.

I ordered six of the tiny companions from the last hurrah re-release, and later I put in a separate order for the Beloved Bookshelf from their library series.


The pins came in a small bubble mailer, which arrived in great shape, given that it came from Australia to the US!


The pins came separated into pairs in little celo bags, with an extra pin back button tucked in with Thompson and Klaus, and a little mini print.


And here are all six of these cuties out of the packaging! The surface of their older pins was a glass-like smoothness that was raised off of the image a bit because of the resin coat. These have a more textured brush-stroke or faint wood-grain like surface, which I actually really like because it seems to fit really well with the sketch-like aesthetic of the art. The coating is less dimensional as well, so it feels like the art is right there on the surface instead of a layer down.


Here are the backs, you can see how dimensional the pins are, and the rich dark color of the wood on the back ad sides. This gives the pins a nice sense of an outline when you look at them in person.

backsHere is the cute little mini print of the Crown Fox and the button. (The crown fox is one of the older pins I have and one of my favorites so I’m super happy to have him!)

fox button

The  Beloved Bookshelf pin actually came two days before the tiny companions, and since it was ordered alone it shipped separately (I didn’t even try to contact them about combining shipping as I was unsure when they would all ship). It was packed in small bubble envelope, which contained the pin in a little celo bag, and a postcard.


Here is the front of the cute post card, and the pin all packaged up.


The pin is a little bit darker than the stock photo, but it doesn’t really bother me. I assume it has to do with the printing and sealing processes.
All in all, the quality is very high, the packaging was well done. Everything arrived in great shape; no nicks, scratches, dents, cracks, or anything else on the product. The freebies are a little bent from the pins, but they were freebies and frankly, I feel like that just goes to show how durable the pins are. Out of the seven I ordered, six have remarkably accurate colors compared to the stock photos, and the one which is a little off, actually matches more things in my closet with it being a little darker, so I’m quite happy with it.
p.s. If you get anything in this type of mailer, tear the mailer, don’t try to pull the glued part open. And if you do pull the glued part open, absolutely don’t let your cat rub it’s head on it. It will stick making your cat a derpy unicorn and you will have to use cat shampoo to remove it from your sad cat.

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