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Lolita Fashion History

Fanime 2024: Pop Fashion Show, Handmade Contest and more!

Fanime’s Jfashion track invited Belladonna out as a guest of honor to the show, and the convention graciously gave them an additional badge for me so I just had to buy a flight out.

We arrived Thursday, did some of our booth set up and went shopping at Daiso and Mitsuwa. I was much more awake than Michelle at the airport…

Then started things off on Friday for real. I mostly helped out with the booth on Friday, and also was a model for the Belladonna makeup panel.

Friday’s Coord was Angelic Pretty’s Sweet Cherry Margaret JSK & headbow, Girly Room Cutsew, Miracle Candy Heabow, Dream Fantasy Headbow, The heart pins from both of my fruits parlor dresses, necklaces from Metamorphose and an assortment of bracelets, rings and bows from various brands / indie brands. Tights and shoes are offbrand.

Saturday Belladonna did a history of the brand panel, and I helped out at the booth some more… then it was time for the Pop Fashion Show! There were several brands showing, here are some of the looks shown! Note: It’s 2am, so if I’ve missed anyone, it’s not intentional. I also stopped making animated gifs because it’s too late and I need sleep. I’ll try to update with them after the event and also check for missing looks.


The Black Ribbon

The Black Ribbon x Sudibear

Hime Kiss

Midnight Springs

A. Gato Designs

Lilia & Lace

Sugarstar Designs

Honey Pepper 9

Nerdy Bit

Lastly, The Belladonna designers and Halley of The Black Ribbon went over to judge the handmade lolita competition, and Michelle (center left) decided to set a new trend in lolita headwear, which she got Rachel, Halley and I to try out.

There were 4 competitors in the handmade contest and all 4 of them had really nice handmade items!

…and here is the First Place winner with the designers of Belladonna!

Tomorrow, is the main lolita fashion show, and I’ll be part of the Lolibrary Speedrun panel hosted by Obsixwi, Azuki Mikan and myself… so it’s time to get some sleep!

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