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Sponsorship, Reviews and other Promotions

Drop shipping / Taobao Shopping Services / Taobao Resellers

I will not promote any webshop or drop shipping company that sells bootleg anime merchandise, counterfeit fashion items (dresses made with counterfeit designer textiles, counterfeit bags, etc), or that misrepresents products by using a designer’s photo to sell a copy made by a different manufacturer. I get a lot of requests from these types of shops on tumblr and I don’t feel comfortable promoting shops like this to my readers.

If you wear Jfashion, and you have a curated selection of quality items that are not bootleg / counterfeit, I may be willing to do a review, please contact me via my Facebook page (

Please understand that because a number of my readers are new to lolita fashion, I am very selective about which resale / drop shipping shops I’m willing to endorse.


I’m not particularly skilled in this area and do not feel confidant in my ability to create high quality content. (Perhaps try Dollfille?)

Indie JFashion Brands

I ❤ indie brands. If you run a small Jfashion style brand and you would like to be featured on my blog, please contact me Via my Facebook page ( ).

As long as I have the time, I will gladly do a (totally free, no strings attached) intro post about any small independent jfashion brand. A typical intro / feature post includes things like your brand history, or a small Q&A (we can do this over messenger) , info about how to buy / where to follow you on social, and whatever photos or recent work you would like me to highlight. To be clear, I am not asking you to send me anything, this is totally free, the only catch is that you have to provide your own product photos + some info about your brand, and that depending on how busy I am, it might have a slight delay.

In addition to posting a blog post, I can also cross post the blog post link to my facebook page (1,000+ followers) and my tumblr (5,000+ followers).

If you are doing a give away, or a kickstarter, or have a discount code / sale, and you want me to share it to my tumblr / facebook, just send me a PM on my facebook page, I’m happy to do so.

Also, if I ordered something from you recently and you would like me to post a review, I’m typically happy to do so, just let me know.

Shopping Services

If you run a small single-person (or 2-person) shopping service for buying jfashion from taobao, or for buying jfashion or cute things from Japan and you would like me to post a post about your service that says things like what services you offer (can you do in-store reservations? will you go to events? do you do online-only? can you do apps? Second hand? 2-part reservations, etc), your location and prices, please feel free to contact me. If I’ve used your service before, I absolutely will do a write up for you, no problem. If I haven’t used your service, I may still be willing to do a public service announcement type post (This company exists, I haven’t tried them, but these are their services and rates, etc).

Please contact me Via my Facebook page ( ) if you are interested.

Actual Sponsorships

Aka, you send me something free and I review it.

I very rarely do actual sponsorships and that is for a couple reasons. First, I’m pretty busy and I’d hate to drop the ball and not get it online in a reasonable amount of time.

Second, I’m not that photogenic of a person. Like, I take really bad photos of myself. It’s just a thing. I have anxiety and I’m awkward. I’m just not a model, I’m totally OK with that fact and don’t want to be a model, but, it is a fact.

That said, if you really want to do an actual sponsorship, and are OK with giving me a long lead time please contact me Via my Facebook page ( ).