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52 Week Lolita Topic Challenge : The item in my wardrobe that was the hardest to get

47. The item in my wardrobe that was the hardest to get
This is kinda a fitting one because in the past couple months, I’ve obtained both of the two things that I have been wanting for years. I know some people who know me consider me a bit of a brand whore; and maybe I am to some degree, I really don’t know. So, I think one of these two things will be surprising to those people.

Some of My Favorite Things

The bag is the Chandelier Bag from Baby the Stars Shine Bright (sorry for the glare, it’s really reflective.). This bag is basically a small hatbox (which makes it huge for a bag) with a ton of room inside. The handles, however, are not really all that strong, so I’d be worried about putting too much weight in it. The screen print on the front is silver, the braid on the sides is gold, and the fastener and tacks are all brass, while the back is black velveteen.

Close up of the side; isn’t the fabric gorgeous? My only qualm is that the pink begs for pink in what I coord this with and I can’t always accommodate that. </3


close up of the inside pocket

The skirt is g1265 from Bodyline. Now, I have this skirt in blue, and I have had it for years. When I was a new lolita, and I didn’t know much about the lolita world, I was under the impression that lolita coords were supposed to be monotone, or at least really close to it. So even though this skirt has sax in it, I was convinced that if I got a white x sax blouse and sax shoes they wouldn’t match, and I was going to be a sax lolita! Which is hilarious, now that I think back, for so many reasons. One of them being that most of the time, sax really isn’t the most flattering color on me! Anyways, I turned down the chance of having this in pink, got it in blue for $17 USD, and crushed down that silly part that wanted it. Now, over three years later, I still wanted it. I still longed to have it. About a year ago I said “well just buy it silly” and so I set about trying to do that. So I saw it for sale for $30, but it sold before I posted, and then I saw it for sale but it had been modified and was now missing the waist elastic. So I posted a WTB, was offered the JSK which would never fit me, and then, finally, finally, I was sent a link to an auction. I bid $50 on ebay, because honestly, who would pay $50 for a bodyline skirt that started out $17? I was outbid. I was flabbergasted. I stared at the screen the next morning and tried to just… digest what had happened. So I made another WTB post, and got this one in a trade for a NWT Meta skirt I had gotten in a LP. Am I happy…eeeeh, sorta? It’s missing the waist ties and one of the waist tie buttons and has a couple small marks (the bow was removed and I was sent that, at least). Ideally, I’d rather have one with the waist ties… but after how hard it was to get a hold of, I’m willing to settle. If I ever find it for sale with all the pieces for a reasonable price, I’m absolutely snapping it up though!

Bodyline Candy Print

The only thing that could possibly make this print better, IMHO, is if the border print was scaled bigger. It was commercially available fabric though, so I can’t hold it against Bodyline. And, yes, that’s silver glitter where the edges look funny.

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