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Coming Soon : Angelic Pretty Day Dream Carnival Series!

Angelic Pretty Day Dream Carnival

Ever since I saw a few heavily photoshopped photos (see the collage below) and heard that this series featured carousel horses, I’ve been hooked.

Day Dream Carnival

But it wasn’t until just now that any real photos of it have been released. These images are from the March Issue of Kera, and I found them being passed around on Tumblr. I’m posting them purely for editorial purposes.

Day Dream CarnivalDay Dream Carnival       Day Dream CarnivalDay Dream Carnival

It appears that the set comes in multiple colors, but from the scans it’s hard to tell what those colors are. AP released a list, but it’s just the base colors, not the accent.There is for sure a Lavender x Pink colorway (seen in the photoshoot), and one that is Black x ?, a Ivory x ?, and one that is most likely Sax x Pink, though it might Sax x Orange or something else; it’s really hard to make out the exact colors from that picture.This is going to be a big series; it has an OP, two JSKs, a salopette, a skirt, a bonnet (which looks floppy), a bow (which is surprisingly boring), ankle socks and tights… and that’s just in the Kera advertisement! Typically, AP will release more later on; jewelry, a blouse, and other accessories… possibly a bag.

Because AP hasn’t released the actual pre-order sheet for this set yet, the back style of all of them is still a mystery. I’m hoping AP will write it, or show it in the pre-order, but it’s not a sure thing.

The items listed in Kera and on the AP Tokyo blog are:

  • Day Dream Carnival サロペット (Salopette)
  • Day Dream Carnival ワンピース (One Piece)
  • Day Dream Carnival ジャンパースカート(Jumper Skirt)
  • Day Dream Carnival ティアードジャンパースカート (Tiered Jumper Skirt)
  • Day Dream Carnival スカート (Skirt)
  • Day Dream Carnival カチューシャ (Headbow)
  • Day Dream Carnival ハーフボンネット (Half Bonnet)
  • Day Dream Carnival タイツ (Tights)
  • Day Dream Carnival クルー丈ソックス (Crew Length Socks)

Day Dream Carnival Day Dream Carnival Day Dream Carnival Day Dream Carnival

And these last 4 images are from the AP-Tokyo Blog. I’ll probably be trying to get the tiered JSK (because I like the way tiered cut skirts look on me) in either Lavender or Sax, the tights, and possibly a headbow. I have this mad idea that I might get some miniature carousel horses and paint them to match and make a really OTT headdress with them… but I’ll have to see; it’s still a while until late March which is when this is set to come out.
Update – It comes out this weekend (3/23)Angelic Pretty Day Dream Carnival
And some more photos of details:
 Angelic Pretty Day Dream Carnival Angelic Pretty Day Dream Carnival
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