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Lolita Fashion Exam

Sharpen your pencils, and put away your phone, it’s time to go back to school for a lolita fashion exam.

This quiz is 20 questions, each question is worth 5 points. Some are significantly more obscure than others….

Good luck! And post your score in the comments!

11 comments on “Lolita Fashion Exam

  1. 75! (kind of proud, kind of disappointed – can’t believe I mistook Lotta for Milky-chan smh)
    That was real fun!~

  2. I got a 50/100 😂 the only critique i have is the Cutsew part: technically yes a Cutsew is just a top cut and sewn with a serger but at the same time its also just a causal Lolita top? And it does have various different types (not just a top with short puffy sleeves like how AP does there Cutsews). Other than that I love this quiz! I like how it’s actually challenging to the viewers knowledge of the fashion.

    1. But it has to be made with that specific type of stretchy material and sewn with a serger or it doesn’t count. Imo that’s the difference between those two choices.

  3. 90! Since I’m not into AP I wasn’t sure what bunny that was and I wasn’t sure about the Baby founder. I was between too options in both of those, and chose the wrong one hahaha

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