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New: Atelier Pierrot Plus Size Bustle Corset JSK MTO

Atelier Pierrot is re-releasing their iconic Bustle Corset JSK in a total of 4 sizes and 5 colors! It’s Pre-Order / MTO and orders will be taken until July 21st 2023 (Japan time)! It’s also modeled by their plus sized model in all of the stock photos to show the way the dress fits on a real person.

The JSK features chiffon and lace at the top of the bodice and a split front skirt that can be bustled up in the back to show the chiffon underskirt layer. It also has back corset lacing to adjust the fit.

There is some overlap in the sizing. If there are two sizes that would both fit, personally, I usually go with the larger of the two, as it tends to be more comfortable, IMHO.

Size 1
Bust: up to 111cm
Waist: up to 89cm

Size 2
Bust: 90-113cm
Waist: 83-106cm

Size 3
Bust: 100-125cm
Waist: 89-111cm

Size 4
Bust: 112-136cm
Waist: 104-125cm

Speaking of there being multiple sizes, the size 1 has a sample in all black, but I don’t see stock photos of a larger size in that colorway even though there is a button to order it. So these are photos of a size 1, not one of the extended sizes, but they still give you the idea of how it would feel in all black.

The dress is 38,060 JPY, which google currency conversion puts at $274, paypal’s rate today was $276.55. Either way, that’s like almost $100 less than what it would be if the dollar:yen rate was still 1:100 like it was in the past, so it’s a really good deal IMHO.

The dress is made of shantung and chiffon. I have a skirt from enchantic enchantilly in green shantung that I love. In general, shantung is a fabric that tends to catch the light and reflect different tones of itself. I have to admit, I looked at this dress on phone at first and thought it was satin and wasn’t really into it, but I think it was just my phone compressing the images combined with the studio lighting they were using, because the texture of the fabric looks a lot more matte in the close up photos.

You can see this in some of the runway and natural light photos they have posted of the dress being modeled. Buttcape has some fantastic photos from the Akon runway if you want to see more.

Here are some additional photos of the dress in size 1 (which is closer to a Japanese M~L) under different lighting

The brand has also released some great styling suggestions for the Navy coloway using items from brands they carry.

I’m not really a gothic lolita, but I think this is a dress that could be styled in a more classic way if you wanted. I plan on pairing it with a black princess sleeve blouse I have from Meta.

By the way, if you haven’t seen it, there is a really interesting post on rufflechat right now in which someone from the industry goes in depth into the challenges that Japanese brands face when doing extended sizing. To summarize a few key points, the major market for extended sizing is overseas and if overseas lolita don’t buy the extended sized items first hand, they won’t be there to buy secondhand, because the domestic lolita tend to overwhelmingly buy things in standard Japanese sizing (their size 1 covers the range of about M-L). This being pre-order/MTO also means there won’t be much ready stock made just to sell later. If you want a specific size and a specific color of this piece and you have the means to buy it new, buying it new is the best option to make sure not only that you can get this piece, but that the company can afford to keep offering extended sizing which is expensive to produce and requires extra time, effort, and specialized skills for patterning and construction.

Orders are open until July 21st (Japan time) with delivery around early October. Overseas customers can order from their international webshop. If you would prefer to use a shopping service, the sizes 2-4 and size 1 are also listed on their Japanese webshop.

I really like the colors in the navy, but red is absolutely my all time favorite, so I decided to go with Bordeaux. The size 2 basically covers the full range of bust sizes that I have been in the last 10 years, and then some, and it’s not going to be tight in the waist on me like the size 1 might be, so I decided that was the safest option for me given that I have been having some struggles with pain due to chronic illness.

How to use the cart system

Overseas orders are done as guest orders. So all you have to do is put the items into your cart, and then click the cart icon in the upper right corner to bring up the cart.

Click on ‘Purchase as a guest’.

If the next screen is not in English already, select English from the drop down in the upper right

Enter your information. Please note the name is Japanese-style with the last/family name on the left and your first name on the right. So if my real name was Raine Dragon and I was Miss Dragon, I’d put it in as Dragon Raine.

Select overseas….

Enter in your postal code and country

Then enter your address. There was no place to put the city & state, so I put the 2nd line of my address with the postal code and city/state in the address line two line.

Enter your phone number, and I personally add the country code to the front. For the US this is just a 1 (if you are old like me, you might remember adding a 1 before calling long distance numbers)

Enter in your email address (and double check it)

Next enter any notes you need to enter. I usually write out my full postal address in these fields just in case, because I know different countries write things in a different order… then select whichever of the check boxes you want and click next.

Next you get the payment screen, pick which you like. I do paypal because my bank always flags international purchases no matter how many times I tell them not to….

And then “next” again…

Now, the important thing on this screen if you are overseas is you don’t have to pay local Japanese sales tax, and they give us a code to put in to get a discount of the tax. Click on ‘Apply coupon code’.

Enter in the code OVERSEAS

And just like that, the tax goes away! Nice.

Re-read everything you typed in to make sure it looks good, and then scroll on down the page to the last panel. Check the ‘I agree to these terms’ box, and then hit ‘Checkout’.

I chose paypal, so I got a paypal login and check out pop up at this point, and just went through the normal process with that.

My final price with Paypal’s currency conversion was $276.55, because the dollar is really strong right now.

You will see a page with a confirmation of your purchase, copy down your order number for your notes, and if you want to promote this piece, consider hitting the share or tweet button. It will share a link to the item you just bought.

I’m looking forward to getting this in later this fall, and I hope this was informative. Are you ordering? If so, what color did you get?

p.s. this is not a sponsored post, I just really want this brand and the extended sizing they and other brands like Metamorphose are experimenting with to do well, particularly after the experiments done by Baby years ago when I was a much newer lolita ended up not being successful.

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