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100Q To Sweet Lolita (2003 Quiz)

100Q to Sweet Lolita is a lolita quiz that was written around April of 2003. What you were supposed to do is answer all the questions and then post it and maybe join their web ring? The rules are pretty strict, you have to link back and you can’t change or remove any questions or repost it. Well, I’m going to link back via the wayback, but I am going to break the rules a little because I will be translating the questions. Since the questions are almost 19 years old, hopefully, the writer won’t be too cross with me!

1 First, please tell us your name, date of birth (age), and gender!
Raine (or Meghan if we are using real names, but for 2003, I feel like they wanted screen names!), I was born in March, I’m 35 and Female.

2. What is your height, weight, shoe size, and three sizes?
I’m 5’3 and a half and wear shoe size 8.5. The rest is a secret (because I don’t want to go find out…)

3 Please tell us your hometown and the prefecture you live in!
I live in Maryland, USA

4 When did you start sweet lolita?
I first got into sweet lolita around 2008/2009

5 What made you want to do it?
I had some online friends who were into sweet lolita and when I went looking for photo references for art, I thought it was really cute.

6 Is it the same as the Lolita calendar? (それはロリータ暦と同じ?)
I don’t understand this, I think I translated it wrong?

7 Are you still a sweet lolita?
I would say so, yes

8 Is there any fashion that runs parallel to sweet Lolita?
I wear OL (office lady) style during the work week. I also wear classic lolita and kaneko-kei.

9 What fashion is it for people who are no longer sweet Lolita? (Including other loli genres)
I think people who get tired of sweet lolita wear old school or classic, or they just become boring adults

10 What is your favorite brand?
Angelic Pretty & Innocent World

11 So what’s your favorite brand’s favorite piece?
Fruits Parlor is my favorite thing from AP

12 What is your favorite color?
My favorite color is sky blue

13 So what’s your favorite color item?
My favorite color for lolita items is red

14 So what’s your favorite sweet lolita item right now? Only one!
Only one? That’s so hard! I have a little felt heart pin that came with fruits parlor that I wear a lot. Like with everything. With Meta, With AP, With indie items. Little felt AP Heart pin goes with everything.

15 What was the first sweet Lolita item you bought?
Bodyline’s Bunny Pocket JSK set ( 〃..)

16 What are you doing now with that item?
I still secretly have fond feelings for it so I keep it in the back of my closet, but it’s a secret!

17 How many times a week do you do sweet lolita?
I wish I could wear sweet lolita multiple times per week, but I’m very tired lately..

18 So what are your main destinations in sweet Lolita?
My living room. We are in the middle of a pandemic ʅʕ•ᴥ•ʔʃ

19 Where do you want to go when you’re sweet Lolita?
To get icecream. Something about eating ice cream in a super sweet coord just feels fun. But I worry that people will judge me |・ω・`)

20 On the contrary, I don’t want to go here with sweet Lolita … where?
To pump gas. It smells bad and I’m always worried I’ll get it on my socks

21 Is there anything you are careful about when wearing sweet lolita?
mmm, I guess to not knock things over with my petticoats

22 Well then, what do you think, a sweet lolita shouldn’t do?
Cuss at people who are politely curious. We look weird, if someone asks about it nicely, it’s best to be polite back, IMHO

23 A word of caution and advice for those who are starting sweet Lolita!
Wear bloomers, it’s really easy to accidentally show your butt when you wear a petticoat (⊙﹏⊙′)

24 Please tell us the story of your failure regarding sweet Lolita!
I bought some of those fairy kei decorative petticoats from bodyline. They are useless (◞‸ლ)

25 What was the happiest thing about sweet Lolita?
Sometimes, I just swish my skirt back and forth and look at the print when I’m wearing my favorite AP prints.

26 all in all, sweet Lolita. What do you abbreviate it too?
I don’t anymore, but I sometimes will still use decololi

27 Sweet lolita, How do you feel about Gothic Lolita?
They wear all black. How can you tell it apart when it’s all black. Just a pile of black. So much black. I secretly hate trying to identify gothic lolita pieces because they all look the same to me. A sea of black fabric.
But I just bought Iron Gate and I want to wear it every day so….

28 What kind of fashion was it before you did sweet Lolita?
I mostly wore jeans tees or tunic-tops because it was like 2008.

29 Do you think Sweet Lolita and Cosplay are the same?
Absolutely not!

30 Please tell us about your commitment to sweet Lolita!
Sweet lolita for life! O(≧▽≦)O

31 Please tell us your sweet Lolita lineage! (Red, Pink Lolita , Simple, Country, etc.) 
I started out wearing sax, and then realized that red and royal blue were more of my colors. I also started with OTT Sweet and Decololi, but now I feel like I’m sliding more towards old school and less deco because I’m tired.

32 How often do you buy sweet lolita clothes?
I used to buy stuff every month, but I’ve slowed down a lot. Maybe every 2-3 months.

33 Raise your hand if you are someone who buys something just because it’s cute!
*Raises hand* So guilty. I have a whole calico critters mansion and my makeup is all themed…

34 How do you pay for your clothes?
I have a job

35 Sweet Lolita Clothes make you lose money every month …?
mmm, they used to. Not so much any more.

36 Question for people who only wear sweet lolita: What fashion would you like to try other than sweet Lolita? (Including other loli genres)
I don’t just wear sweet, so this doesn’t apply.

37 What do you keep in mind when doing your makeup?
I ask myself “Is this what my mother would do, or my girlfriend?” And then half the time I do what my mother would do by mistake anyways… My mom is lovely, but her makeup is natural / subtle look. Also ‘don’t mess up, don’t mess up, don’t mess up”, it’s terrible.

38 So what’s the focal point of your makeup?
I like to use stick on gems sometimes when I’m going very OTT sweet

39 Please teach sweet Lolita one recommended make-up!
I… am terrible at doing makeup, you don’t want my recommendations. Use a q-tip with foundation on it to correct mistakes. That’s my recommendation. Glitter makes everything better. Live your best life.

40 Which manufacturer and what color do you often use for eyeshadow? Also, what are the tips for using it?
Lately, I’ve been using my Sailor Moon Pallet from Colourpop and a rose gold chocolate one and a floral one both from I Heart Revolution. I buy my eyemake up based on the packaging 75% of the time.

41 Which manufacturer and color do you often use for lipsticks and glosses? Also, what are the tips for using it?
Lately, I’ve been really into Urban Decay Vice Lip Chemistry Lip Stain. I think it was discontinued, but it’s a color-change stain and it’s really permanent. I also like these lip stains I got at the face shop that were like alcohol markers??? but I can’t find them anymore either. Just give me lip sharpies that are safe, please, someone. Oh, I also have a few kylie lip kits and I’m not super into her as a celeb, but the lip kit is pretty good as a product.

42 Which manufacturer do you use for the foundation?
Estee lauder. I’m really pale and a weird undertone. It has good coverage, doesn’t wear off easily, and matches my skin pretty well.

43 What is the recommended cosmetics manufacturer?
I’ve been pretty happy with I Heart Revolution / Makeup Revolution. Also Tony Molly. It’s cute packaging, but the products are also good.

44 Please tell me about items around makeup such as mirrors and pouches!
I have some little twin stars makeup things, like a cup and brushes, and brushes that look like little cat paws. I buy cute things with cute packaging, I’m so easily taken in by cute packaging.

45 How long does it take to make up in the morning?
I don’t wear makeup to work during the pandemic, so it only takes about 15 minutes to get ready. If I’m wearing makeup… maybe 35 minutes?

46 What is your current hair length and color?
Waist length and dark brown with bangs/fringe.

47 Do you have a perm?
No, lol

48 Please tell me the hair arrangement you often do!
Sometimes I will do braided pigtails or high pigtails with more casual sweet

49 Sweet lolita with short hair, Do you think they are ants? ( 短い髪で甘ロリータ、アリだと思いますか?)
…what? I guess it’s asking if I hate short hair on sweet lolita? But I don’t! I had a bob for a while. I think it’s cute!

50 Are you careful about hair care?
So, here is the thing. I have bad skin allergies. To soap. Not to dyes or fragrances like normal people. To soap. Laundry soap, shampoo, hand-soap, cleaning chemicals for the dishes or the floor… it doesn’t matter, I’m allergic to basically all of it.

There is one shampoo (Suave), one laundry detergent (Tide), one dish detergent (palm olive) that I was exposed to by my mom as a kid and just had allergic reactions to over and over until I got used to it via exposure therapy. And that’s what I use now. That and bath and body works, of all things (like I said, it’s not a dye or fragrance issue).

I don’t use heat tools on my hair often, and I don’t really stress it out much, but I use suave shampoo and conditioner. Bottom of the barrel, cheap, suave. That’s it. that’s what I’ve got. You know how people are like “Sulfates are bad, don’t use cheap shampoo”, yeah, that’s literally what doesn’t make my skin divorce itself from my body. ¯\_(⟃ ͟ʖ⟄)_/¯

51 So, do you have any recommended hair care products?
It’s a 10 leave in miracle product spray, and any sort of dry oil spray.

52 When you do sweet lolita, headdress? ribbon? bonnet?
2+ headbows, most of the time

53 Please tell us one of your favorite hair accessories!

54 Actually, if you have habitual hair, do you take measures against habitual hair? If you are, please tell us your recommendations! (実は癖毛の人、癖毛対策はしていますか?している人はお勧めを教えてください!)
…I think this is asking if you have like frizzy hair or a cowlick if you do something to keep it from being like that? It might be something worse though and I’m not sure.

I use dry oil spray for anti-frizz.

55 Do you have a mobile phone?

56 So what’s the ringtone?
AT&T Firefly, LOL. Who keeps the ringer on anymore? I always used Circ back in the day though, it was just perfect ringtone music. Usually love electric. cross your wires, love electric

57 Do you decorate your mobile phone with straps, stickers, etc.?
No, but I am really particular about getting a cute color when I get a protective case. Mine is a mint green otterbox right now.

58 Take pride in your mobile phone!
It’s a Galaxy S21+ 256GB, but shhh, don’t tell my dad. He wanted the same one but couldn’t find it and settled for the lower storage version. It seems it’s not even available from samsung anymore? I got lucky, I guess!

59 What is the recommended place for sweet Lolita?
Going to a bakery or cafe

60 So where are your haunting spots?
Aside from meetups, I go to the mall in sweet lolita most often, lol. My shopping days are also my days I can dress up…

61 Have you been to TDL in sweet Lolita? If you are, please tell me what you were wearing at that time!
I’ve never been to Tokyo Disney Land ;___;

62 What is your favorite artist?
All time favorite is probably ATC.

63 Do you live in sweet lolita? (甘ロリータでライブに行きますか?)
I think this is asking if you are like a lifestyle lolita? But, no, I’m not.

64 Do you think you are unwilling to get a V-van flyer when you’re doing sweet Lolita? (甘ロリータしてるときに、Vバンのチラシをもらうのは不本意だと思いますか?)
I have no idea what this is asking

65 Do you have a lover or spouse?

66 What does your partner say about your sweet Lolita?
“I can wear it” (She’s a sweet lolita too)

67 If you could make your partner an ouji, or a lolita, would you?
Yes. She’s really cute in ouji when she has short hair (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄ ⁄)

68 Do you have a parent’s understanding when it comes to sweet lolita?
They don’t understand, but they got used to it, lol

69 Does your mom also wear sweet lolita? Does anyone’s?

70 Do you want to be a sweet lolita with your child when you have a daughter?
My children are cats

71 Just between us, please raise your hand if you are checking the Lolita fashion of ○ Channel.
I don’t think so

72 Just between us, if you have spent more than 1 million yen (aprox $8,600 USD) on Sweet Lolita, please raise your hand.
*raises hand* (。●́‿●̀。)

73 Just between us, please raise your hand if you mislead your parents or lover about the price of clothes.
I used to hide how much things cost from my mom ( . __ . )’

74 Just between us, what was the most expensive sweet Lolita item you’ve ever bought?
Probably Star Night Theater

75 Just between us, please tell me a secret about your sweet Lolita.
I hate dry cleaning because I don’t have the energy / executive function to deal with it, so I try to only buy stuff I can wash at home and frequently dunk dry clean only items in water while telling them good luck.

76 If you’re just talking about it, if you’re interested in plastic surgery, or if you’re an experienced person, raise your hand.

77 Do you buy sweet lolita items at flea markets? (Including auctions)
78, please tell us the sweet Lolita item that was the best bargain in flea markets so far and the price!
One of the best deals I got was on a set of a Chocolat-Chan Going Out Applique JSK and the matching headdress. I don’t remember what I paid. I want to say I might have spent like $60? And then I traded it for a SNT skirt.

79 Please tell us only one recommended sweet Lolita private brand?

80 So, have you ever shopped for that brand? What did one buy?
Yes, I have Cerise’s Circus JSK. But I also live with the designer

81 Actually, please tell me if you have had a bitter experience with flea markets or private brands.
I’ve bought some resin stuff with pits and bubbles from indie designers, and I once got a skirt on comm sales that was described as like new and I overpaid because I really wanted it and it was all stained.

82 Do you use mail order on the official site?

83 Please tell us the new work that you think is the cutest recently, regardless of whether it is official or private!
Two private (indie) brands!

Rose Cutie x Ms LUTRA Diner Bunny

Strawberry Flowers on the Hill by NyaNya

84 Are you planning to buy it?
I’ll probably get Strawberry Flowers on the Hill if I remember to put in my order

85 Do you make sweet Lolita items by hand?
Nope, not really

86 If so, please tell us what you have made so far!
Just little things like rosettes, rings, earrings

87 Do you sell it on your homepage?
I used to, but I’m too tired. Sometimes I bring things to events where Belladonna is selling

88 If you have a private brand, one promotion for your brand!
I don’t want to…

89 Which sweet lolita shop do you often go to?
Angelic Pretty

90 10 more questions! Although it is not a sweet lolita brand, this item can be used for sweet lolita! Please tell me one!
Melissa x Vivienne Westwood’s three strap heels.

91 Do you wear children’s clothes? If you wear it, please tell me the size.

92 Are you particular about the interior of your room?
No, my bedroom isn’t very cute.

93 Please tell me the pattern of your bed cover v
It’s a floral that looks very laura ashley

94 What is your favorite motif in Sweet Lolita? (Strawberries, cherries, flowers, etc.)
I really like fruits, like cherries, strawberries and circus themes

95 You can get the sweet Lolita clothes you envisioned! What kind of design do you want?
96 When will you graduate from Sweet Lolita?

97 I won’t quit! Raise your hand!
*Raises Hand*

98 What if someone makes fun of sweet Lolita?
So rude! 🙁

99 Please tell me today’s date.
Jan 7th 2022

100 100 questions Thank you for your hard work v One last word!
Let’s wear sweet lolita forever <3

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  1. Thank you for translating this, it was so fun to fun to read. Regarding questions 63 and 64, I think question 63 refers to “Do you go to live shows/concerts in sweet lolita” and 64 being “Do you accept flyers from Visual Kei bands when you are in Sweet lolita?”. I’m much less sure about the later one, tho!

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