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Innocent World 2022S/S Collection

Innocent World recently did an Instagram live of their Spring / Summer 2022 collection as well as posting a lot of it to twitter and with how fast their stuff has been selling out in reserve lately, I thought I’d take a moment to look at the new items before they are gone.

All of the photos come from Midori, Misako, Innocent World and the Designer Fujiwara-san on twitter or the Instagram Live. Additional Video is available on Misako’s Youtube.

Let’s jump right in with the main attraction… the Royal Strawberry series!

Royal Strawberry Round Collar OP

[Video 1]

This OP comes in 3 colors: sax, pink-purple, and ivory with brown trim. There also seem to be some new matching socks (which I really want). It’s a really subtle print, which is interesting. It has a nice button front, and it doesn’t seem to be a faux button front (but I could be wrong). If it does unbutton, that gives some great layering options. All in all, I like this and I think it will do well. I’m more into darker colors when it comes to this sort of cut, but I think this is a nice spring piece. I suspect the bow paired with it is new as well, as it matches perfectly, but it is one of their more standard bow cuts.

Royal Strawberry Scalloped OP

[Video 1] [Video 2]

Wow. First of all, wow, just wow. This is a lot of dress, with a lot of details. It’s very much on the Kaneko-Kei trend bandwagon and I love it. The lace inserts in the sleeves are elegant and bring it back a little bit more strongly to lolita / innocent world, but I am loving the button front detail, the scallop ruffles and the bustle ties. Super, super cute, very detailed.

Loire Apron

I only own one IW apron and it’s very much something I dearly love. Mine is several years old and a pearskin piece, while this appears to be cotton, or cotton like with some serious lace. It almost feels like a Moi-Meme-Moitie piece. Very lovely, very elegant. I would watch that bib bit if you wear a L or larger though because it looks like it gets a bit narrow and might look off balance on a larger torso (large busted friends who like aprons know this struggle…), but overall, it’s a lovely piece

Eleanor OP

[Video 1] [Video 2] [Video 3]

Simple, but lovely and well tailored and made from a material with a great drape that looks like it was a nice texture… this dress is classy, but in a young sort of way. The colors are lovely, the volume of the skirt is lovely. I love the front button design. Very cute.

They have paired it with the Romance Ribbon Hat which is almost sold out, and with what looks like the Plain Tuck Ribbon Headband, which is also sold out. I really like the ribbon bow and hope they give us a re-release with the OP release. I think it really suits the dress and gives a nice overall look.

Leg wear appears to be the Laura Bouquet OTKs, as well as a pair of their ankle socks. I really like the ankle socks with this, and they seem to have become a staple for IW with varying lace, which is nice. I have some of them, and they are really nice quality, I very much recommend them.

Petit Bonheur OP

[Video 1]

This sort of brown quilt floral is not my cup of tea. I don’t really love it in quilts and I love it less as clothing. The dress cut is cute, but I’m not personally feeling the print. I feel like this is probably the most likely design to end up on the sale racks, if anything lasts that long. It looks to be almost identical to the Luna OP, (which is sold out in every color except for Green in size L), and I like it much better as a solid. Paired again with the Romance Ribbon Hat and some cute ankle socks. I personally am not feeling the ankle socks with this, but, it may just be because this dress isn’t to my taste.

Loire OP

[Video 1] [Video 2]

That black colorway! Be still my beating heart. Black isn’t even my usual color preference for lolita, but that OP is stunning. Absolutely stunning. I think the lack of red options is influencing me a bit here, but still!

Classy Ribbon OP

[Video 1]

We have already seen this midori collaboration dress earlier this year, and of course, it’s totally sold out. It’s back with a sax and a navy colorways this time, both of which are stunning.

Rose Chiffon OP

This was shown in the live, but not posted to twitter, which is interesting. I love the print, especially in blue, and I love the lightness of it and the drape. It’s a really lovely piece, IMHO. Doesn’t seem to have shirring, but they have been pretty good about doing both M and L sizes recently. It’s paired with the Suzuran Lace Gloves and Socks. The gloves are interesting, they have a sort of sheerness to them. Personally, I’d prefer to see this with longer socks or tights, but the short socks are in style now so… it is what it is.

What are your thoughts, are you going to try to snag any of these new pieces? I feel like it’s so hard to get anything from IW these days unless you are a VIP or get a VIP to shopping service for you and it’s hard to get VIP because there isn’t much to buy; such a vicious cycle…

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