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Comming Soon From Innocent World – Union Jack Series

When Maison de Julietta shared this image on Facebook a few days ago, I absolutely fell head over heels in love with the new Innocent World Union Jack print shown in the center. (Note the date refers to an event at Maison de Julietta not the release of the dress).

Innocent World Union Jack

Just this morning, the Innocent World designer released some more information on her blog.
Innocent World Union Jack Print - Navy Innocent World Union Jack Print - Chocolate Innocent World Union Jack Print - Bordeaux

There will be three colorways, Navy, Chocolat and Bordeaux ( I suspect these fabric samples shown above are reacting badly to poor lighting and a smartphone camera, but I’m not 100% sure.)

She also shared a couple close ups of the motif, which is based on the National Flag of the UK, per her blog. (click the images for full-sized views)

Innocent World Union Jack Print Innocent World Union Jack Print

Lastly, She shared an image from the latest Kera, which according to Amazon Japan came out today. My Kera is in the mail, but as soon as it gets here I’ll try to list out the items better.

Innocent World Union Jack Print

So far, based on this image and the Maison de Julietta one, we can infer:

  • ユニオンジャックジャンパースカート(Union Jack JSK) -22,800円 (below)
  • ユニオンジャックハイウエストジャンパースカート (Union Jack High Waist JSK) – 22,800円 (Left above)
  • ユニオンジャックオーバーニー (Union Jack OTKs) -2,500円 (below)
  • ユニオンジャックスカート (Union Jack Skirt) – 15,800円 (right above)
  • バラレースラインクリップ (Rose Lace Line Clip) – 3,000円 (right above)
  • ドレープジャボブラウス(Drape Jabot Blouse) -19,000円 (right above)
  • エスターブラウス (Esther Blouse) -12,800円 (below)
  • リボンビスチェ (Ribbon Bustier) -10,800円 (right above)
  • チェックリボンカチューシャ (Check Bow Headband) -3,300円 (below)
  • ロゴ入り王冠モチーフ付パール ネックレス (Pearl Necklace with Crown Motif Logo) -6,400円 (below, left above)
  • スカーフタイ付きブラウス(Blouse with Scarf Tie) – 14,800円 (left above)
  • バラレースラインクリップ (Rose Lace Line Clip) -3,000円 (left above)

Update – Innocent World posted a full length photo of Misako on their news page:



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