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Japanese Brand BETTY’s BLUE, founded in 1985, pops up in a lot of the same magazines as early lolita brands, like CUTiE and Kera.

The brand ceased operations in 2009, but apparently, the company that owned it was Can, which still exists. Recently, Can was trying to come up with something positive due to COVID19 and they decided a nostalgic limited collection of Betty’s Blue items would be fun.

Betty’s Blue shirts at Melan Cleuge shop

The are launching a handful of Teeshirt re-prints which you can get at sepcific shops. Limit one per person. The collection went live February 5th.

You can also get them on the Can online shop for 4,290 yen each, search for keyword “Betty”.

Additionally, re-using branded shopping bags as lunch bags or to carry other stuff, was a bit of a trend in Japan for a while, with the cute Betty’s Blue shopping bags being a popular choice. In homage to that, they are releasing a T-Shirt and a clear tote featuring their iconic shopping bag design. These are made to order and can be ordered here.

I really like their strawberry shopping bag design, and I feel like it has a really great casual, nostalgic cuteness to it.

You can follow the brand’s revival PR twitter and Instagram for behind the scenes info and updates.

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