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Printable Paper Dolls From Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple is a brand that was highly influential on lolita fashion. They currently focus more on Children’s clothing, though they do have a teen and ladies line as well. Lately, they have been releasing free printable paperdolls that feature Shirley Temple and a dress from their brand as well as various accessories. They encourage people to print them out and create paper crafts with them, but, now that there are a handful of sets expanding her wardrobe options a tiny bit, they could also just be used as general paper dolls.

I’ve gathered a bunch of them together, click through to jump to their blog post for each item. The download link is usually around the bottom of the post like this:

Paper dolls:

There also is a cute little bear one

Other past printable gifts have included things like this mask:

Paper sleeves to decorate cups

A puppy dog frame + coloring page

A paper-craft doll house box

A paper craft closet box

And a cute little duck pennant / coloring page paper craft

They are all really delightful little paper crafts, perfect for entertaining a kid, or just for decorating your space and giving you something to do while we stay home

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