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“Sweet Heart” Ita Bags That Are Perfect For Sweet Lolita

As some of you may know, I sometimes attend cons with my girlfriend who runs an indie lolita brand and help out with her booth. Because of this I joined a couple facebook groups for selling at cons. Today, I ran into a post in an artist group about the cutest ita bag I’ve ever seen.

It’s a little winged heart with a full front window and it comes in two colors, pink or sax.

There is a convenient outer zipper pocket on the back (these save my life at conventions when I’m wearing a ton of large rings and can’t get into my pockets or don’t have any pockets).

The ita bag pocket is seperate from the main pocket (which means no sagging like the wego backpack one I have)

The cute custom zipper pull for this pocket also snaps to the side of the bag, so not only are all your pins zipped in and safe (I don’t know about you, but I’m always paranoid I’m going to loose my brand pins and buttons when I pin them to the outside of tote bags…), but the zipper won’t get caught on things and upzip easily.

It totally opening up like this also makes organizing your pins or inserting a board with all the pins attached to it super easy. It’s a pain in the neck for me to add pins to my wego backpack one because I have to pull the whole insert I made out and if it’s not snug it rattles around, but if it’s snug it doesn’t come out easily.

It’s set up as a 3-way bag that can be worn with a shoulder strap (adjustable to you can do cross body if you prefer), as a small backpack, or even as an oversized fanny pack.

Inside, there are specialty pockets for things like your credit cards (or convention room key cards, business cards, etc!). The artist also says that they made sure that there is room for your phone, wallet and keys, something that a lot of other shaped bags can’t boast (I’m looking at you usakuma…)

The bags are also really reasonably priced for how well designed they are.

There are two options for getting the bags:

Ita Bag Babe – $45
You get 1 bag (pink or sax) for $5 off what the price will be after kickstarter. You also get a free enamel pin.

Sweet Hearts – $80
You get 2 bags (both colors, or do a group order with a friend) and two enamel pins. Because you are ordering more than one, you get another $5 off of each bag, so you basically end up saving $20 off the after kickstarter price.

I pledged for 2 bags, one of each because I have a ton of lolita pin back buttons from AP and other brands that I have been wanting a dedicated ita bag for, and I wear both pink and sax a lot. A similar sized AP pouchet shoulder bag is like $70, doesn’t have an ita bag window and isn’t convertible, so I think this is honestly really a great deal.

The pins are pretty great too, and you can pledge just to get one of the pins ($12) or to get a set of all the pin designs as stickers ($10) .

The estimated shipping date is this November (which is pretty soon for a MTO!)

If you want to pick up a bag or some pins, the kickstarter is going on until October 3rd at 5:35pm EST. Make sure you get in before the deadline if you really want it; because it’s on kickstarter it has to be fully funded to happen!

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