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Review: Strawberry Teapot – Positive

Strawberry Teapot is an up and coming lolita indie brand with a focus on laser cut acrylic accessories. Designed by the talented Sage Blossom whom I am acquainted with via our work together on lolibrary, the brand seeks to make high-quality laser cut acrylic and resin jewelry in basic / versatile motifs like heart rings and bow necklaces. When she announced the launch of her brand the other day, I just had to check it out.

Strawberry Teapot is based out of Canada and all prices in the shop are in CAD. Currently, they offer free shipping inside of Canada for orders over $50, and free shipping to the US for orders over $75.

I ordered two rings and a necklace, and my shipping came out to $15 CAD, which is just under $12 USD, which really isn’t too bad for international shipping.

I placed my order on March 22nd, and received my order on March 31st. My order was packed in a small pink bubble mailer. Inside, each item I’d ordered was in a cute little organdy bag to keep the items safely contained and prevent scratching. A small ziplock bag, clearly marked with a “thank you” sticker contained an extra little gift.

First up is the “Layered Heart Ring” which I ordered in the Red x Pink colorway (tip: when you select a color it will show the preview of that color). There are currently 9 color way options which mix and match pink, lavender, red, sax, black and a frosted clear option. Each ring is $10 CAD ($8 USD) and has a Nickle free adjustable ring base.

My light is a little yellow, it’s not as peach as it looks here, it’s much more of neutral pink. I would say it’s a neutral pink with a very slight peach undertone, not a lavender undertone pink, but it’s neutral enough that I think it would work in a lot of situations.

The ring base is more solid and sturdy than I was expecting, and better than the various ring bases I’ve bought to make rings for myself in the past. It’s silver tone in person, but it reflected the red fabric and the yellow light in my photos.

Next up is “Lovely Ange Necklace & Ring Set” which I ordered in the Pink colorway. This set contains a necklace and ring and was $18 CAD (~$14 USD). The necklace is a great size and the wings have a lot of dimension to them, curving in around the heart. I expected them to be flat because I was thinking cut acrylic, but they are very much a 3D thing, and I love it. The whole necklace feels sturdy without being heavy (something that is challenging when working at an appropriate scale for lolita)

The chain is plastic, which I really like because I tend to have a lot of allergy issues with chains that are metal, so any time I can minimize how much metal is involved, I’m on board (plus I just like the look for OTT Sweet). However, the clasp is metal (which I like for strength) and there is a length of loops so you have a little bit of a size adjustment option. All the metal on it is gold tone for the pink set (inconsistency of metal tone is one of my pet peeves, so I was pleased to see the whole set uses gold toned metal).

The set also has a small star ring, where the star matches the heart in the middle of the necklace.

Again, sticking with the gold tone metal, which I like. The star (and the heart in the necklace) has a very fine glitter that is high impact IRL throughout the body of the shape. It’s very shiny an has a nice smooth finish. There is no tackiness or stickiness to these shapes (which I am assuming are resin) and no pits or bubbles with a very uniform thickness and finish. Again, solid, sturdy adjustable ringbase.

Compared to the heart ring, the angel set is a slightly more lavender undertoned pink. I think this is the absolute perfect shade of pink for pairing with AP and similar styled sweet lolita ♡ 

Lastly, inside the small “Thank You” bag, the designer tucked 8 little mini hair clips, 4 pink and 4 lavender.

They have a bunch of other designs in addition to what I ordered, all of which are available in multiple colors. Additionally, if you don’t see the colorway you are looking for in an item, you can request it via their colorway/restock form (and if/when they add that color, they will notify you about it).

I also wanted to point out that the sassy little “not in a play” rosette also comes in a “no photos” variant, which I didn’t realize when I was looking the first time.

All in all, I’m very please with the quality of the items, the speed they got to me was good, and the prices were quite affordable.

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