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Angelic Pretty Designers Dismayed to Learn Western Lolita using Headdress-Style Cakes as Headdresses

In a rare Instagram live interview conducted using video conferencing to be COVID-19 safe, Angelic Pretty designers Maki and Asuka were surprised to see that one of the international interviewers was wearing on of the iconic “cake” headdresses that Angelic Pretty made years ago.

According to the designers, the “cake headdresses” are actually “headdress cakes”. In other words, they were sold specifically to be consumed.

One of the iconic cakes with a slice out of it

Because their webshop had limited options, they were listed in the headdress category because they were headdress shaped, but the designers say that they “Never expected that people would actually think they were headdresses!”

Maki reportedly expressed that she was surprised it had lasted so long, though she says that to make sure that the cakes survived shipping, they had selected bridal style cake that was more dense / dry and it drying out completely so quickly might explain why they hadn’t developed mold.

A sliced decoration dream mini cake

The cakes were originally developed to be small, cute desserts for at Angelic Pretty’s many tea parties and other events with the idea that the cake could serve as a centerpiece for a small table and then be cut. But they were so popular, that the designers agreed to partner with their favorite bakery to make them available for people to eat at home.

Asuka said that they had just assumed that everyone who would have bought one would have attended an Angelic Pretty tea party in the past and therefore would have had the experience of biting into a slice of one of these petite cakes with friends, so they didn’t think they would have to explain so explicitly online that they were actual food.

Maki and Asuka enjoying slices of one of the signature mini cakes

When pressed about photos of models actually wearing the cakes as headdresses, the designers remarked that they were photoshoots, and weren’t meant to be reflective of reality. After all, the photos also contain cupcakes that are several feet tall. Plus, they explained that when they put a whole baguette on a model’s head in 2017 for a fashion show, no one went to the bakery to start wearing baguettes!

“It’s a little bit yucky to think about” Maki added “how many years old are those cakes now? I’m scared!” Asuka was curious if it smelled strange, but the interviewer said it just smelled a little sweet in the way that the scented Melissa shoes had a sweet smell.

laughing, Maki made a comment along the lines of maybe they should have made cake hats for real, and suggested it might be part of their collection next year. But, for now, they advise that anyone who has a real cake hat specifically not eat it as it probably isn’t still safe after so many years!

Do you own any AP cake hats? Are you surprised as I am to find out they are actually cake? Have you ever eaten one? Let me know in the comments!

April Fools!

5 comments on “Angelic Pretty Designers Dismayed to Learn Western Lolita using Headdress-Style Cakes as Headdresses

  1. I paid 3x the price on Lacemarket for a cake hat, then I shellacked it… just to be on the safe side. It’s a little heavy, but I can totally balance it out on the other side of my twintail wig!

  2. oooooo you got me there hahaha lol- WHAT I MEAN THIS IS A DISASTER. ppl missed out on eating cake!! that’s rly sad

  3. I just like the assurance I’ll always have a snack with me in case of blood sugar issues. What better than to actually wear it as an accessory until my Hour of Need?


  4. I have the cake headdress and the cookie pins that are actual cookies….all I need now is a teapot shaped purse that really holds tea.

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