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Lolita Blog Carnival: 5 Print Ideas for 2020!

This week’s lolita blog carnival topic is “5 Prints You Would Be Interested In Seeing Next Year”. There are a few motifs I’ve been wanting to see for a while, so without further ado…

1. Dragons

And when I say dragons, I don’t mean clip art or block prints or sketches from old books that look like the artist has never seen a lizard before, or a japanese dragon water colored on to the sky. I want real, high fantasy, western dragons on mountain tops or castles or sitting on a crystal so big it defies imagination on some alien world with 3 moons in the sky. I want a print with the kind of artwork that trading card game developers pester artists to make for them, and I want it tasteful and classic.

2. Angelic Pretty x Sanrio Little Twin Stars

I know AP and Little twin star collab items exist, but they are pastel with black. It’s such a good situation for a really candy-colored pastel OTT icecream in the sky print and I’m so disappointed that they didn’t go that way with it. I want Kiki and Lala at the carnival with their horse as the merry go round in the clouds with stars and moons and icecream. I want milky planet with 200% more OTT cute sweetness. Like give me something like this, but in Maki’s art style <3

3. Red Pandas / Lesser Pandas at the Circus

Ok, imagine one of those really silly imaginary cat circuses. You have little cats in fancy circus clothes. Little cats standing on balls. A little cat taking a nap instead of jumping through a ring. A little cat batting at the ribbons coming out the end of the circus girl’s baton. Picturing it? Now picture the same thing with red pandas.

4. “Gal Pals”

We have so many prints of people at a ball, but there are always boys, or at least implied boys. I want to see a couple girls on a cute date. Sharing an ice cream float. Adopting a kitten.

5. The Whole Fruit Salad

I love berry prints, but I’d love to see a whole rainbow of cute fruit on a bright pastel background. Give me limes and lemons and oranges and blueberries and cherries mixed together. Like, fruits parlor, but make it actually rainbow.

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