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MEGAMOTH 60mm Lashes By Dollfille

As some of you might be aware, I’m not exactly a makeup guru. However, I have the pleasure of knowing someone who really is, and that person is Dollfille. She’s modeled for my girlfriend’s indie brand and done makeup for some shows in the past, and I’ve always been super impressed by her creativity and her makeup skills, and when I heard she was coming out with her own false eyelashes, it just seemed like a natural progression.

She is releasing a set of giant (60mm) lashes Via kickstarter!

The lashes are vegan synthetic mink-texture with a clear band (again, not a makeup guru, but I do wear false eyelashes periodically and personally I’m a fan of clear bands over the thick dark ones. It just looks more natural to me).

I feel like these lashes would look super cool as part of a bold make up style with an OTT lolita or other Jfashion look. They seem super high impact, and in the past when I’ve seen Dollfille wear oversized lashes as part of her makeup look with jfashion, I’ve really admired the level of like, drama that they add to the look.

They come with a 15mm pairing set, which can be worn either at bottom lashes with the big ones, or as a smaller (but still big and impactful) top lash.

Here you can see the comparison in size between the top and bottom lash:

And here is a stylized artist’s rendition of the lashes on Toshi / Dollfille which she drew to go along with the release.

The lashes are set to retail at $40 (which is pretty reasonable given the size and quality), but if you join the kickstarter, you can get a set for just $35. So basically, if you jump in this week, you save $5. They are set to ship out around March 2020.

The lashes come in a custom designed storage box, which is actually real legit!

The kickstarter is at $4,879 / $5000 as of the time of writing (so literally just $121 shy) and it has 12 days left, so I’m pretty sure it’s going to go through at this point.

Wholesale buying is also available in batches of 10 ($20/pair) for those who have retail shops or webstores and want to carry the lashes.

There are also a bunch of other options as well for things like stickers, prints and more.

Note: This is not a paid post, she doesn’t even know I’m writing it! I just thought the idea was really cool and wanted to give her a shout out!

All of the images above belong to Dollfille/Toshi and were taken from the kick starter page.

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