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Angelic Pretty Spring Summer 2020 Collection!

Angelic Pretty just had their Fairy Mirage tea party and fashion show, and photos are popping up on twitter and Insta showing bits of their newest collections.

But before we begin… here is an upcoming print from this winter!

Girly Room

Angelic Pretty did an early reservation for this print at Laforet Private Party, but general reservations should be available in the future. It features doors and windows along side ribbons and some hearts. While it’s a bit of a strange motif, the art style and and colors are on trend, so it is what it is, I guess. It’s not my thing, I’m not into this sort of muted pastel look, but I feel like some people will enjoy it.

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Sweet Cherry Margaret

This print features cherries, daisies and ribbons over a gingham background. The JSK modeled by Misako appears to have full back shirring. Two colorways, pink and red have been shown so far. It’s cute, but it’s one those staple motifs they do every year so I don’t have particularly strong feelings about it. It does seem to not have crosses in it, so that’s a plus for anyone who like Cherry Margaret, but found the crosses off putting.

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Neon Star Diner

This cut isn’t specifically my style, but I think it’s super, super cute and it’s totally my girlfriend’s style, so I plan on living vicariously though her, lol. I love that the retro look is on trend right now because it really is resulting in some super cute pieces! Now we just need candy pink roller-skates, right? <3

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Rose Tea Garden

I haven’t seen any pictures of this one yet, interested to see what it might look like! It’s possible it’s this though? Rinrin supposedly wore it…

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Romantic Perfume

This print was the theme of the tea party, and features perfume bottles with butterflies. It’s super elegant and I really love the way it looks. I feel like it’s very reminiscent of rose toilette, only modernized a bit. I think it’s a really strong print, and the OTT OP here is giving me a Rose Letter vibe.

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Sweetie Ribbon

No photos have surfaced of this yet that I know of

Horoscope Carnival

This print seems to feature clouds, stars and constellations, plus a muted carousel. The color pallet isn’t really my cup of tea, but it’s very trendy.

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Chateau D’ecume

This print was apparently designed by Imai Kira and features mermaids. This print got a surprisingly bad reception on lolita updates, but I actually feel like it’s a really strong print, at least on the darker colored background. The bodice features a staggered lace motif that mimics coral, and it has little side sleeve ruffles. It looks awkward on the dress form, but I suspect that is because it’s much too large for the dress form. I’d be interested to see what this looks like on a person who is a little bigger than the model. I think the bodice detail, while busy might help prevent some of that more awkward tube-shape issues we sometimes see with larger AP dresses. I’m not a mega fan of mermaids, so I don’t think I’ll go for this one, but I think it might be one of those dresses that gains popularity as time goes on.

Also, the little shell motif glove / hand covers are wacky in the best way and I love that AP went that direction with them.

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Ice Cream Parlor

Yes. This. This is exactly the things my sweet AP dreams are made of. Ice Cream? Rabbits? Sign me up. It apparently comes in pink x sax, navy x red (wine?) and mint x brown.

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Berry Sweet Heart

I think this picture goes to this series name. An attendee described it as being similar to petite heart, only done in velvet.

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Royal Crown Berry

This print is lovely, it has almost a Jane Marple or QPot vibe, the colors are great, the art is great and it’s a ton of fun. Definitely a great twist on the berry motif. I foresee this one being popular.

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Goodnight Sisters

This print may be limited to party attendees. It’s really similar to the door print above in tone and style, and very on trend for that muted pastel sort of look. Again, not really me, but a lot of people are into it.

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Additional Photos

These are pieces I’m not sure the name of. Definitely some interesting textural fabric going on with these though!

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So, what do you think? Are you excited for AP’s newest line? Which series is your favorite? A full report with pictures of everything should be out in the next issue of spoon, I believe, though that might not be until January, if past publication dates are any indication.

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