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Flash-Back LJ Post Import: IW Oddments Lucky Pack Opening (Fall 2011)

Product Name Oddment Items Lucky Pack A
Product Number 113005
Price ¥52,500
Expected deliver date Early October 2011


Because I’m exhausted, from left to right:
1. Sleeve Ribbon Knit Pullover – Cream with a couple minor little snags (name unknown)
2. Strawberry Bolero (name unknown)
3. Black x White x Grey OTK Socks (name unknown)
4. Fraicheur Necklace
5. White umbrella with a border of black polka dots and tons of tiny pink satin ribbon bows in the center (name unknown)
6. Tulle Lace Sock Toppers – Black- Elastic in one is broken
7. Sailor Collar Pullover – beige
8. Stripe Jacquard Bustle Jumperskirt – Navy (The colors are much more muted; it doesn’t look vivid purple like this)
9. Classical Arm Covers – Brown
10. Dita Headbow
11. damage to Dita headbow.
12. Lily Emblem Lace Blouse – BLACK, Size large
13. Rose Lace Ribbon Blouse – Beige×Chocolat, M
14. Athena Blouse – White, Size Small
15. Versailles Rose Head Dress – Chocolat×Cafe au Lait
16. Tochon Lace Socks – White
17. Annette Knee Socks Red x White
18. Flower Ribbon Cutsew – Pink
19. Beatrice JSK – Beige
20. Museum Bear JSK – Sax
21. Little Lady headbow
22. Luna Stripe Jumperskirt – Pink×Bordeaux
23. Roman Trump Jumperskirt – Green×Chocolat (short)
24. Roman Trump Onepiece – Chocolat×Pink
25. Viennese Waltz Scallop Jumperskirt – Cafe au Lait ≪Long≫

Sorry about just smooshing the two tops in the photos I took. I set up my little box for photos because it was late at night and there wasn’t enough room and the lamp kept falling over so I was arranging them one handed. Also, the sheet is clean; I was using it for photography the other day and just threw it in my box when I was done so it got all wrinkled. XD oops.

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