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Lolita Blog Carnival: 5 New Lolita Holidays To Celebrate!

This weeks topic from the Lolita Blog Carnival is a humorous one; we were charged with inventing 5 new lolita holidays to celebrate. Considering that I have no sense of time, I figured that if you chose to celebrate these, you can just assign your own dates, right?

1. Put it on Your Head Day

Spend the whole day trying not to touch anything with your pinky fingers because you are fancy. If you mess up, whatever you have touched has to become part of an elaborate, growing headdress. This is a great day for sitting really still and holding your hands straight out in front of you.

2. Momoko Diet Day

Spend a whole day only eating cute things. Find some way to make health food cute. If you fail, start blinging up your barbell so you can work off that whole batch of cupcakes that jumped in to your mouth mysteriously.

3. Postal Worker Appreciation Day

Provide tea, scones and a lovely handmade hat for your favorite postal worker as a thank you for delivering all those packages from Japan.

4. Missing Pieces Remembrance Day

Somewhere, that missing detachable bow exists. That other sock? It might be in Narnia now, but you remember owning it. The laceup ribbon for that JSK that you took out to wash it? Yeah, it’s around here somewhere. This is a day where you can stop, take a moment, and remember those things that have gone missing. While you have a moment of silence for them, frantically rack your brain trying to remember the last place you saw them. They won’t be there any more, but it at least shows you care, right?

5. Mismatched Socks Day

Let’s be real here, you are never going to find that missing sock you were remembering on Missing Pieces Remembrance Day. Turn your misfortune into a fashion statement by closing your eyes, spinning around three times, and reaching into your sock drawer. Whatever you pull out is the pair to your lonesome sock for the day. Now come up with a coordinate that matches! You can match pink strawberries with green plaid cats, right?

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3 comments on “Lolita Blog Carnival: 5 New Lolita Holidays To Celebrate!

  1. Ah I love number 3! Postmen really need a day where we could show our appreciation for their hard work bringing our heavy parcels! 😀

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