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Small Business Saturday 2019

Small business Saturday is an event that was started by the American Express credit card company in the US in 2010. It’s held the day after Black Friday (which is the Friday after Thanksgiving), and shoppers are encouraged to visit local small businesses.

A number of independent Jfashion brands and small retail shops are having specials and sales this year. I’ve listed all the ones I’ve known about, but I encourage you to also check out other indie brands, even if they aren’t having a sale. I’ve put together an incomplete list that includes the country of origin as a document in the Lolita Updates group if you want a list of potentially local shops to use as a starting place: International Indie brand Directory. And of course, if you know of any other shops running specials, please drop the info in the comments for everyone!

The Bloody Tea Party

Promotional Event Page:

General Sales:
Everything is 15% off, including previously stocked Witch Bonnets and jewelry, as are commissions. Whether it be The Witch’s Bonnet you have your eye on, wish to fly away with a pair of Butterfly Wings, or feeling a little batty for a pair of the newest designed Bat Wings of your own, you can commission a new piece just for you!

To make things move along easier the shop’s storefront is closed and the sale will be run through EMAIL. Check out the sale event page for details and an order form.

Bunny House [Source]


General Sales:
– 15% off everything on the webshop

Cotton Candy Feet [Source]


General Sales:
The sale starts 25-11 and finishes 2-12 on Cyber Monday!The more you buy the bigger is the discount:
– Buy 4 products and get 5th for FREE!
– Buy 3 products and get 60% off on the 4rd
– Buy 2 products and get 30% off on the 3rd

The discount will be applyed  automatically on the product with the lowest price on your shopping bag!

Kaneko [Source]


General Sales
– 20% off all items in the webshop
– 20% off custom orders

KuroShrio Kawaii [Source]


General Sales:
– Up to 25% off items in the webshop
– Free US Shipping on orders over $300 (ongoing promotion)
– Free International Shipping on orders over $600 (ongoing promotion)

Lily of The Valley [Source]


Lucky Pack Option A
A deluxe headdress or boater hat or witch hat, necklace, and a corsage or two-way clip. Will be available on Etsy.

Luck Pack Option B
A regular headdress or custom beret, sash, and a corsage or two-way clip. Will be available on Etsy.

There will be 10 total packs available and they will be made to order, so they can be made to match a jsk, op, or outfit(s) of your choosing.

General Sales:
$10 sale on wooden pins on the webshop (not etsy)

The Lolita Collective


General Sales:
– 25% off the whole store

Puvithel [Source]


General Sales
– 10% off items in the online store
– 20% off seconds / B-grade items

Basic Accessory Pack – $15
3-4 different Puvithel items, Comes in a standard silk bag.
value $25 – $50
Only 100 available

Pin Pack – $25
FOUR Puvithel Enamel Pins and/or Hairpins! Each pin will be different.
Valued $40 – $65
Only 50 available

Deluxe Accessory Pack – $45
Similar to the Basic pack but contains even nicer goodies. Higher chance of necklaces and all come in a special Puvithel pouch
value from $55 – 75
Only 30 available

Crystal Heart Pack – $45
Always wanted to pick up something from our Crystal Heart Series, but wasn’t sure which colorway to get? Let us decide for you! You will get a matching pieces from our Crystal Heart series. Also comes in a Puvithel pouch
Value $60 – $75
Only 15 available

Purse Pack – $70
This Pack contains one Puvithel Purse and a matching accessory set. ANY Puvithel Purse may be in this set (including coffin purses).
value $85 – $135
Only 8 available

Basic Outfit Pack – $150
This Pack contains a full Puvithel outfit! Pack contents vary greatly, but will contain varied items intended to match one another with at least one full outfit.
value $200 – $400
Only 8 available

Deluxe Outfit Pack – $250
This Pack contains a deluxe Puvithel outfit, including One-Of-A-Kind fashion show pieces! Pack contents vary greatly, but will contain varied items intended to match one another with at least two full outfits. Deluxe items such as JSKs can be found in this set.
Value from $350 – $600
Only 4 available

Last but not least, if you are in California, or able to travel to California, there will be a holiday popup shop December 14th – December 15th featuring a bunch of indie brands from all over the United States, as well as the Japanese brand Moi-Meme-Moitie.

Tentative brand participation list (as of 11/21/2019)
A. Gato Designs
The Black Ribbon
Evil Live – for Lolita Bag, ACC
Hard Decora
Lily of the Valley
Lipton Cunningham
Paradise Rose Shop
Rhapso Broderie
Sweet Mildred

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