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The Return of Swimmer!

Variety&Fancy Shop PATTY’S seems to have acquired swimmer and will be re-launching the brand this fall. They have started a page on their website with information about SWIMMER and the relaunch.

According to the new Twitter account they have set up to promote SWIMMER, they will start selling SWIMMER products at PATTY’S locations starting October 26th, 2020. They will also be selling SWIMMER products on PATYY’S Rakuten Shop, which seems to still be marked as coming soon.

The items in the promo image look so super cute, I especially love that hot pink carousel tote! It looks like there will be a pretty good balance of smaller items like buttons, and larger items like bags, if the image is any indication.

Shops that already sell PATTY’S goods that aren’t directly managed PATTY’S stores will start to sell SWIMMER items as well, starting November 16th, 2020.

The press release page states that Hizume Mikaru (ひづめみか~る) was appointed as the director of SWIMMER in April of 2020, and will be overseeing the re-launch. She has been a designer for Swimmer since 1995 (over 22 years!).

You can follow them on Instagram at @Swimmer_Prom or Twitter at @Swimmer_Prom.

Update: The webshop is now live.

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