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Review: Fluffywuffs – Positive

I met the owner of Fluffywuffs online more than a decade ago via online forums where we both did art for a dress-up doll system and he is one of the people who first introduced me to lolita fashion. This year, he launched an Etsy shop. It’s primarily a fairy kei / pastel kawaii sort of aesthetic, with a fun quirky twist.

Many of the pastel accessories also would work great with sweet lolita. I’ve been trying to build back up my pastel / kawaii accessory collection as a lot of the stuff I bought ~ 10 years ago has become lost or is showing wear, and the look now is more OTT than it used to be by a lot. So, I picked up a couple pieces from the shop.

I ordered via Etsy on September 29th, and my package arrived on Monday October 5th, which is quite quick (under a week for packing and shipping) given that this is an indie brand and the postal system is having a time right now, and there was a weekend in the middle there. The package was adorably decorated with sticker and cute washi tape

Inside everything was safely packed up in a wrapping of foam and inside of that were cute little packets wrapped in bubble wrap, more washi tape and super cute stickers. Small table scatter / confetti and additional stickers were included making the whole thing super cute.

First up is the Pastel Glittery Star Ring. This was only $4, and is a good size, it’s also larger than my Angelic Pretty ones. It has a nice shape, not so rounded that it looses it’s shape, but still rounded enough that it blends well with cuter styles. I was having trouble getting my phone camera to capture the color, but it’s a nice shade of yellow; not too neon. It’s not tacky or sticky and there are no pockmarks or bubbles in the surface.

Next up is the Dazzling Unicorn 2-Way Clip/Brooch. This was $12.00 and there are a variety of other similar heart 2-way clip designs, both featuring unicorns like this and featuring other motifs, in a variety of colors. The price point seems to change a little based on the complexity, but this also appears to be one of the more complex ones they sell. I felt like the sax x pink colorway would work well with some of my pastel Angelic Pretty things. The sax is a nice shade for with AP, it’s not gray tone like it’s showing in this photo. I was really struggling with getting photos that were color accurate without the light reflecting.

Lastly, I picked up a cute 3″ pinback button, which was $6, and I have to apologize in advance because it’s not printed blurry or grainy, that’s my photo of it that is grainy, and it’s grainy because I had to take the photo in shadow because it’s nice and shiny and it was just reflecting the light like mad. It said big button in the description but I missed that it was 3″, so I was pleasantly surprised by the size when it came in. These are now sold out, but it did say that more colors would be available in the future, so I suspect it may be something that may come back. I really like that it has the plastic back piece as I find the metal ones can sometimes get rust spots that can transfer to clothing when worn.

My overall order was $26.55 with shipping, which is very reasonable given that I’ve spent significantly more per item on similar items in the past.

Bonus: here are a couple things I didn’t buy because they wouldn’t go with my closet, but that I really wanted to share. That “RAD” 2-way clip is giving me major late 80s childhood nostalgia. I had a Rock ‘N Flower with the same sunglasses as a kid, and it just absolutely looks like something barbie would have rocked back in the day.

You can follow PrinceFluffyWuffs on Instagram or check out the FluffyWuffs Etsy shop to see more of their great work.

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  1. Love the review and photos! Just wanted to comment to let you know that I love your blog and it’s been one of the few things that have kept me sane during lockdown. I hope you are able to continue this blog for many more years! ?

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