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Lolita Blog Carnival : Plans Derailed! 5 Things In My Wardrobe That Just Didn’t Work

When I was new to lolita, I was the worst at impulse buying things just because they were cheap. Over the years, I got better, but I still have had some rather unfortunate pieces. This week, in connection with the Lolita Blog Carnival, here are five things that seemed like great ideas at the time, but in reality were horrible.

1. This coord, which involved a sax twintail wig and a bodyline underskirt

wig02 016I was convinced that this AP JSK would look super cute paired with sax. I put my sax purse with it in my closet, and I loved it. So, I decided I needed a sax wig and a sax underskirt.

Ok, so, for the record, I look terrible in sax, it just doesn’t flatter me at all, and this wig was no exception. It was some cheap, cosplay wig from ebay and it is probably the worst wig I’ve ever put on my body willingly.

I only have some old blurry mirror shots of me trying this on; I never actually wore it, thankfully.

The bodyline skirt that I bought to use as an underskirt looked ridiculous too, so I sold it off. The wig was donated to a friend to chop up for runway, but even she didn’t want it.




2. Metamorphose Rose Gold Boots

meta What matches rose gold metallic meta boots? Nothing. That’s what. They don’t match dolly cat, or day dream carnival or anything that it would make sense to pair them with.

They also make my ankles look fat, and my ankles not being fat is like one of the only things I’ve got going for me.

But I can’t bear to let them go, so they sit in my closet and I hope that someday, somehow, I’ll figure out how to coord them. Thankfully, I got them new on auction for a song  (I only paid 4,300 Yen for them), so it’s not the most expensive mistake…

I’ll probably just have to buy a whole bunch of metallic rose gold stuff, honestly…

3. This Old School mystery vest from Metamorphose

meta I love this vest in theory, but in practice, it never looks quite right. Even when I get something I think looks ok, my SO fusses at me that it looks off. Someday, I’ll find a way to coordinate it.

Until then, I’ll continue to make coordinates with it on the dressform. What my SO doesn’t have to see, won’t hurt, right?


4. This cutsew vest from Metamorphose

1218880_21116_0 I love this vest in theory, but in reality, I want my vests to have structure. This cutsew one just sort of smooshes around in the worst way. It combines the worst of a button up blouse, a cutsew and unwanted layers into something generally unflattering.

I’m stupidly still convinced I’m going to find a way to make it work. At least I only paid about 5,460 Yen for it; I didn’t buy it new or anything, so it’s not hurting me too much to hold onto it.

Maybe one day I’ll find a way to wear it successfully….

5. Angelic Pretty’s Holy Corset Cutsew

e1bfe24f-c3e6-5b6f-bddd-ce9bf270270d I was certain this was going to look great under my star night theater JSK, but the red part was totally the wrong shape and looked really weird layered with the JSK, the collar wasn’t right and the stripe was way too chunky.

It’s a cool idea, and a cool cutsew, but it was way too goth for anything I was ever going to do, so I ended up selling it off without ever wearing it. Hopefully the new owner found a way to rock it like it deserves!

Bonus: Every pair of navy/blue shoes I own.

I keep trying to buy blue shoes, but not a single pair of shoes I have bought has ever matched anything in my wardrobe correctly. Not. One. Pair. I have a pair of boots the same color as the center pair of an*tai*na sweet shoes as well. The sweet shoes were supposed to be royal and the boots were supposed to be black. They are a weird blue green that almost matches the Charles Crown OP by Innocent World, but not really. The vivienne westwood x melissa ones are too green as well. The florals match literally nothing. The mary jane heels are the best pair here and even they don’t really match well because they are too desaturated. Blue shoes are hard.


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2 comments on “Lolita Blog Carnival : Plans Derailed! 5 Things In My Wardrobe That Just Didn’t Work

  1. The part at the end about the navy shoes gave me a chuckle…I needed navy shoes pretty much since I started my wardrobe but knew they would be hard to match, so I put them off for a good long while. My first pair was a pair of Mary Janes from the kids’ section at Payless. They are so dark that they look black in photos, but they do work with several of my pieces. My next pair was a pair of replica tea parties that I thought would be more of a royal blue, but they are actually just the right shade of navy to match pretty much everything that is too light for the Payless shoes. I’m not proud that they are replicas…but I wear those things all the time now. I still need a pair of royal blue shoes, though…

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