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Girlism: A Chinese Lolita Fashion Magazine

Girlism Volume 6

I’ve been “reading” Girlism since they started publication (I say “reading” because I can’t read a single word of Chinese, so it’s more of just a picture book to me), and it’s quickly becomes one of my favorite lolita fashion publications. I just picked up volume 6, shown above.

Each issue comes with gifts, and I’m not talking just a post card (though they do often include those!). This particular issue came with a heavy duty screen print canvas tote bag from Yolanda…

20170506_142038 20170506_142052
20170506_142043 20170506_142055
this set of post-card sized prints from Yolanda in a sheer envelope,
two cute postcards from the Japanese otome brand, Leur Getter,
…and a big double sided poster!
Here are the front and back covers of the latest issue. One thing I will note is that shipping inside of China is a little rough. Some of the issues (including this one) have gotten to my shopping service with busted corners. One of the earlier issues came with a clear file that got shattered in the mail. It’s definitely happening before it gets to my shopping service or at the office of my shopping service though, as they are putting them in the middle of a package full of lace for their trip overseas.
Overall, the photo quality in Girlism is really high, as is the print quality. It’s nicer, IMHO, than Kera or the GLB. Here is a quick flip through of the latest issue. It features Japanese brands like Angelic Pretty, Innocent World, Baby and Meta, as well as the best of Chinese lolita brands.

Each issue is 80 yuan + 10 yuan shipping inside of China, which comes out to about $13 USD. Some of the nicer gifts are limited to the first x-number sold though, so to get the most for your money, order early! Some of the past gifts I’ve gotten included a peel-off lip stain, a Berry-Q heart shaped pouchette, Baby the Stars Shine Bright Clear files and a ton of post cards and stationary.

5 comments on “Girlism: A Chinese Lolita Fashion Magazine

  1. Hello !
    By any chance, do you know if there are scans online ? I bought all the issues, except the 1st, because it is sold out 🙁 Would love to take a look, or to buy one !
    I didn’t have the chance to get the Berry-Q pouchette, lucky you ! 🙂

      1. No problem ! I already checked Taobao, but it seems that the Chinese lolis want to keep the 1st issue for now. I’ll wait ! Thank you very much for your help 🙂
        I’m curious to see the next issue ! 😀

  2. Do you know if I can buy Girlism in Japan at a book shop? I am going next week and I’d like to buy a lot of magazines there. I think Girlism is like Vogue but just Lolita!

    1. I’m so sorry, I don’t know. I’m not in Japan, personally, so I’m not very familiar with Japanese book stores. Plus, since Girlism is a Chinese publication, I’m not sure which (if any) Japanese book shops import it. I did a quick search on Amazon Japan, and there does seem to be a seller (伯爵堂) who is importing it and selling it on Amazon Japan though, so it’s possible? But I can’t find an associated bookshop in Japan for that user using google. Sorry 🙁

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