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Lolita Fashion History

Lolita Fashion History: What Makes a Lolita Coord According to Kera in April of 1999

kera April 1999 lolita rules

As some people probably know, I have a fairly large stash of lolita publications. Among them are some of the earliest issues of Kera. I’ve seen timelimes that attribute the usage of the word lolita (ロリータ) to describe the fashion to events of 1998, so I’m currently looking for publications even older than Kera (the first issue of Kera was in 1998), to see if I can find things that look like the lolita fashion of that time under a different name (or the same name, which would debunk the best theory on the name I’ve found so far, unfortunately). Part of that search requires that I actually understand what “counted” as being lolita fashion in the late 90’s, and to do that, one has to look to the rules of that time frame.

Unfortunately, I can’t read Japanese, so I’m forced to reply on OCR Software + my own meticulous copying of characters + online translation, so some of my translation of this is imperfect (and I would absolutely welcome corrections!)

Basic purse, or for summer, a straw bag. You can even decorate it with artificial flowers.

A basic perm is easy to arrange. If you have long hair, you can cut it to be cute like a princess.

Wear a petticoat of lace under the skirt to inflate it. It is made from a cute gingham check. The policy is… absolutely no pants!

To match the onepiece, add a children’s apron. (I believe the last sentence says something like “It’s even more lolita-like with an apron”)

Knee-high or thigh-high socks with lace are recommended. Do not wear Gal stockings.

A Vivienne teddy bear is the favorite of everyone, and an indispensable item in lolita.

For a cute look, wear a rounded shoe. Platforms are good, but they shouldn’t be too high.

Sections in Japanese (there are some missing / incorrect spots. I corrected the OCR where I noticed and could, but I’m far from a professional translator.):

「基本は手提げ バッグ。

「基本的に パーマがかかって いる ほうがアレンジしやすい。

パンツは絶対には     かないのがポリシー」

「MILKのワンピースに合わせて, 小さい頃実際に使っていたエプロンをコーディネイトしました。

ストッキソグとかギャル系の靴下をはかないのが鉄 (?) !
おすすめのぉ店は : ルーシイルウ.

「ヴィヴィアンの夕オルでできたクマちゃんは、 みいなのお気に入る」。ロリ一夕には欠かせないアイテムだからー匹は持っていよう


6 comments on “Lolita Fashion History: What Makes a Lolita Coord According to Kera in April of 1999

  1. Goodness, that’s amazing! I’m really floored by this. Especially the “ran into a hedge-strimmer” hair– that would be considered full-on ita these days. I’m also really intrigued by the jumper tied around the waist. Catch a modern Lolita doing that in a hurry! (I don’t own a Vivienne teddy… will a much-loved sailor bear do??)

    Thank you so much for sharing this and giving translations! It’s a fascinating look at true old-school and it’s so interesting to see how much things have changed from fifteen years ago.

    1. There were some of those hair styles in the old streetsnaps from this time period and then it sort of makes this 180 and turns into a lot of examples with ringlets and hime cuts. I think it might have been more acceptable because it was more in style in the 90’s in general; the first few issues of Kera and older issues of Fruits seem to feature a lot of girls and boys with that sort of choppy hairstyle…

    1. That’s so cute! A lot of the older publications have guides to the style, and it’s really interesting to see what has changed over the years!

  2. Wow,you’re amazing,thank you very much for this!I’m also interested in the history of lolita fashion.Have you found any other clues in your magazines?What are the oldest pictures of a style similar to lolita or mentioning something that could signify the beginning of lolita fashion?

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