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Day Dream Carnival Re-Release

Angelic Pretty Tokyo just posted up this announcement about the Day Dream Carnival Re-Release.

So, based on my google-translate-fu, here is a summary. ::edit:: (And here is one by a Japanese Shopping Service which is better)

The re-release will be manufactured on a build-to-order basis (so you must pre-order if you want it).

The following items will be included:

Reservations for the online shop will ONLY be open for 9 days 4/6 – 4/14!

The plan is that the items will be delivered between Late-August and Mid-September.

In store:

  • Accepted at all retail stores in Japan.
  • There is no limit per person.
  • Must pay (sounds like in full) up front
  • If you order by phone, please send payment by registered mail.
  • If payment can not be confirmed within the period we are accepting reservations will be canceled.

On-line shop:

  • 9 days (days) to 4/14 (Sat) 4/6, domestic online shop orders only
  • As with in-store reservation, let me assume full payment within the reservation period.
  • Will be accepted on the domestic online shop as well as the overseas online shop.
  • For more information, please refer to the online shop.

For cancellation

  • If payment can not be confirmed within the reservation period we will be canceled.
  • Because production  is per order, you may not cancel, nor change the color or type.
  • If you cancel after paying, you will not be refunded, and may not exchange.
  • If you have to cancel, you may be blacklisted from reservations in the future.

Notes on production orders:

  • When the goods arrive, you will be called for in store orders (by mail for Online Shop).
  • The release dates are just a guide; it might be earlier or later.
  • Due to the nature of the print, it’s possible that there maybe printing errors / color errors, and you accept this in ordering.
  • We will not offer a waiting list.



Day Dream Carnival Day Dream Carnival Day Dream Carnival Day Dream Carnival Day Dream Carnival Day Dream Carnival Day Dream Carnival


AP USA will also be taking orders, per their facebook page:

Day Dream Carnival Re-Release

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