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Ladies (and Girls) of the BTSSB Print “Fragrant Rose Memories”

FragrantRoseMemoriesVivienneJSK-green_0Fragrant Rose Memories is a print from Baby the Stars Shine Bright, which was released in 2012 (Shown above is the Vivienne JSK). At some point, someone made a comment on EGL about it being possible that somewhere out there, there was a lolita who’s grandmother was in the print. Now, that’s probably really a slim chance, but, it sparked me thinking about who these ladies (and girls) actually are.


From the stock photos, swatches, etc, I picked out 6 people that I could get clear images of, and I went to work on finding out what I could about them.


Here is the first lady that I pulled from the BTSSB print’s reservation page graphics.
I found her image here and it turns out it was a vinatge postcard.



Taken from the black print sample, this shows a girl with her dog and umbrella. In the print it’s rotated and framed, so this is more blurry than the one in the print due to my processing it to get it straighter.

Larger image is again an old postcard, found here.

3girl 3girl2 3girl3
There was not a good picture of this girl to be had. Above are the three I was working with and below is the flipped version of the original, found here.


Unless that is a window behind her, painted for the outside, it should go the other way (the way it is in the print), so I flipped it, which is the last photo.


Feeding in the correct version, brings us to this site. Where we find that, no, it’s not a window, it’s the card caption, which is french and reads “heureuse année” or “Happy [new] Year”.

The 4th girl, I could not find. If anyone has the print and wants to snap a better photo of it, I’d be happy to look more though!

Here is the 5th girl I pulled from the print; two of them, actually.
I’m noting a growing trend here at this point, the place I found them, again is this site.

It’s another postcard, and the stamp looks french, from what I can see.

And last, but not least, here is the 6th girl I tried to track down.

Also, just to note, for ones like this, I actually rotated the image, cropped it rectangular and then photoshopped in the corners to be the relative shade of grey they would have been in a full image.


This one is also an old postcard, I believe and it has a message on the top. It’s in german and it says
“Herzlichen Glückwunsch
zum namenstage”

Which seems to be something like “Congratulations on your nameday or feastday”. I’m guessing it means ‘Happy Birthday?’ and, again, found it on this site.

All in all, I found it really interesting to see the larger images. It’s important to note, for those who are concerned, that all of these images are more than 70 years old and thus are no longer protected by copyright (anyone can use them for anything at this point), and so Baby did nothing wrong in using them. If anyone out there had this print and wants to share a bigger image of any of the people not covered here, I’d love to track more people down!

6 comments on “Ladies (and Girls) of the BTSSB Print “Fragrant Rose Memories”

  1. This is incredibly interesting! I absolutely love this print and I love how much thought you put into doing research on it. It’s so cool to get to see the original photos of these girls!

  2. This is really cool! The dress and photos are gorgeous! I know I’m really late on this but according to my German teacher “Nameday” is a day where people who have the same name as a saint receive gifts and celebrate, sort of like a second birthday. I believe it’s a Catholic tradition but I’m not entirely sure.

  3. Namenstage really is a nameday 🙂 Its a personal holiday many european countries have, second important to birthday. Every day has an assigned name (or a few), different in every country. When its your names day you usually get a small present and relatives and friends wish you a happy namesday.. its such a tiny birthday in a sense, but sorted by name instead of date 🙂

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