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Coming Soon from Angelic Pretty: Dream Sky Re-Release

According to the latest Angelic Pretty catalog (Summer 2013) that was just released May 25th, Dream Sky will be re-released this summer. There is no date listed for the re-release, however, given the popularity of the series the first time around, it’s likely that something will show up in the Japanese blogs a few days before the release and/or a notice will come up on the Angelic Pretty site. Update: 12PM, Saturday June 15th (Japan time) is the release date.

Angelic Pretty Dream Sky Re-Release

The collection page shows the following items:
Dream Sky シュシュ(Dream Sky Scrunchie) – ¥2,310
Dream Sky リボンバレッタ (Dream Sky Ribbon Barrette) – ¥2,730
Dream Sky リボンクリップ(Dream Sky Ribbon Clip) – ¥2,940
Dream Sky ワンピース (Dream Sky One Piece) – ¥27,090
Dream Sky ジャンパースカート (Dream Sky Jumper Skirt) – ¥26,040
Dream Sky サロペット (Dream Sky Salopette) – ¥19,740
Dream Sky スカート (Dream Sky Skirt) – ¥16,590
ストライピボーダークルー丈ソックス (Pinstripe Border Crew Socks) – ¥2,625
Dream Sky タイツ (Dream Sky Tights) – ¥4,200

Colors for the main pieces are Sax (サックス), Lavender (ラベンダー), Blue (アオ), and Navy (コン). In other words, three shades of blue and a little purple.

Colors for the tights are Pink (ピンク), Sax (サックス), Lavender (ラベンダー), Blue (アオ), Navy (コン) and Black (クロ).

Colors for the socks are White (シロ), Pink (ピンク), Sax (サックス), Lavender (ラベンダー), Blue (アオ), Navy (コン) and Black (クロ).

The OP has some shirring in the back for sure, it’s probably full back shirring.

Angelic Pretty Dream Sky Re-Release

Now, let’s talk about this model for a second. She is wearing Dream Sky Ribbon Clip, Glass Doll Cutsew, Dream Star Necklace, Dream Sky Jumper Skirt, Melty Moon Shoulder Bag, Dream Sky Scrunchie, Magical Moon Ring, Pinstripe Border Crew Socks, a pair of shoes and then it looks like the last line is something about accessories.

If we assume that anything she’s wearing is either something that has come out in the last 6 months, or something that is set to be released in the future, then we can add to the list of probably to be released items:
Dream Starネックレス (Dream Star Necklace) -¥3,990
Melty Moon ショルダーバッグ (Melty Moon Shoulder Bag) – ¥9,345
Magical Moon リング (Magical Moon Ring) – ¥1,680

The fact that the Melty Moon Shoulder Bag popped up in AP Tokyo’s blog as an atelier sample piece in a coord with Milky Planet make it seem even more likely to me that this is probably going to be out with the Dream Sky series, if not shortly before or after.

AP Tokyo Milky Planet Coord

However, for those who have their hopes up for a star bag after seeing either of these coords from AP Tokyo, I’d like to note that it specifies that the bags in these pictures is from a staff member’s personal collection. So I’m doubtful that we will see either of these bags come out again with this series (though you really never know!).

AP Tokyo Milky Planet Coord AP Tokyo Milky Planet Coord

So, obviously the colors are different this time around. Pink and Black have been dropped, and if Milky Planet’s color shift is anything to go by, it’s quite probable that this is going to be a more minty sax, and possibly a darker navy. The lavender looks lighter and slightly bluer, but the photo looks blown out so I’m not sure.

The JSK still has the big satin bow in front, and it still has beads on the strap. For those who go looking for this on Mbok after the release, this is what the beads on the strap of the old and new JSK look like. Both have matte  stars where one is bigger than the other two. There should not be crystal stars or crystal hearts. Dresses with no star beads, or with crystal stars or hearts should be assumed to be fakes.

Original Dream Sky DreamSky1b

The OP also appears to be the same cut, and like the JSK, it should have three matte stars only they should be on the neckties. The absence of these stars is indicative of a fake. The stars in the new version are a different color than the stars in the old version.

The skirt looks to be the same as well, look for the metal AP logo star charms on the ends of the waist ribbon in the older version to show authenticity. It’s highly likely that they will also be on the new version as well.

The old release barrette should have the same stars as the JSK and OP, the new release bows and scrunchie should all have the AP logo star charm.

The salopette is new, as are the tights and socks. Personally, I really like the tights and the royal blue color. I might pick up the miniskirt in the blue tone and some of the tights in a lighter color, but I’m not sure yet.

Note: credit for the catalog scans goes to devoncuppycakes on Tumblr as my copy hasn’t gotten here yet.

Update: AKB48’s Sato Sumire has posted images of herself modeling the JSK

AKB48 Sato Sumire Angelic Pretty Dream Sky Re-release AKB48 Sato Sumire Angelic Pretty Dream Sky Re-release

It looks like she has on a Magical Moon necklace, so it’s probably safe to add that to the list of potential re-release items as well.

Update: Release date will be this weekend (12PM, Saturday the 15th (Japan time)), the details and color samples are below:

Angelic Pretty Dream Sky

Dream Sky Dream Sky Dream Sky Dream Sky

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    1. I’m so sorry, I got absolutely slammed with thousands of spam comments and got really behind on processing the ones from June/July, and I missed this. I’m really sorry. The best way to find US release dates though, is to follow Angelic Pretty USA on facebook or follow the Angelic Pretty USA RSS Feed.

      For international English shop releases, check as soon as the series goes up in Japan (I want to say it’s 10PM East Coast USA time), and keep checking until it’s up. Sometimes it can take hours or even a day or two 🙁 and it still sells out super quick, so really getting something that’s in high demand there is unfortunately a game of stalking their site.

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