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Coming Soon From AP: Musee du Chocolate

I know, I know, I’ve been really quiet lately. I’ve been pretty run down. Turns out, I had an infection in my tear duct (similar to a sinus infection), and it caused my tear duct to be blocked… But I ran around to Frill and a bunch of other things anyways and wore myself totally out. Personal issues aside…

Kimura posted two sneak peak photos to her blog about a new Angelic Pretty print! We’ve run out of thing from the summer catalog already, and this has some nice dark chocolate tones to it, so I think we are likely moving int their fall season. She’s done a good job of covering everything, but it’s certainly brown-based, and I can see some gold trim sticking out. The wardrobe team coordinated it with a brown cake and what looks like a brown bear with a gold crown on her necklace. The headdress seems pretty biscuit-y to me. The make up is very sweet and very cute. I’m guessing either a chocolate dessert theme, or a bear theme (possibly both). AP hasn’t done a good brown bear themed print, unless you count Honey Cake, so it’s long over due and the styling would fit, I think.
Angelic Pretty New Print ChocolateAngelic Pretty New Print Chocolate

Time to go stalk the AP blogs and see what info comes out! I’ll update as I find out more.

Update: AP Tokyo has released images and information
57103 57104 57101 57102 57112 57113 57120 57121

Musee du Chocolate
(Ivory, pink, mint, brown)

  • One piece (¥ 29,190)
  • Jumper skirt (¥ 27,090)
  • Jumper skirt (¥ 27,090)
  • Low waist jumper skirt (¥ 24,990)
  • Skirt (¥ 17,640)
  • Headbow (¥ 3,570)
  • Over knee socks (¥ 2,310) (also in Black)
  • Tights (¥ 4,200)

Update 8/19

The following items were added on the newest posting by the Tokyo blog (and might correspond to one of the below items which was missing from the list)

  • Half bonnet ¥ 8,295

The following items were not listed on the newest posting by the Tokyo blog, which may indicate a later release date, or might just simply be oversight.

  • Dress Set (¥ price TBD)
  • Headdress (¥ price TBD)
  • Mini Hat (¥ price TBD)
  • Scarf (¥ price TBD)
  • Emblem brooch (¥ price TBD)
  • Umbrella (¥ 4,725) (also in Mocha)
  • Wool gloves (¥ 5,145) (Ivory, pink, brown, black)
  • Wrist Cuffs (¥ 3,150) (ivory, mocha, brown, bitter brown)
  • Crew length socks (¥ 2,625) (beige × dark beige, Beige × Brown, Pink × Brown, Mint × Brown, Brown × Dark Brown)

Chocolate Frame
(White, ivory, pink, brown)

  • Chocolate frame pearl choker (¥ 5,145)
  • Chocolate frame bracelet (¥ 3,675)
  • Chocolate frame ring (¥ 2,625)

Porter Chocolate / Chocolate ring
(Ivory, Mocha, Brown)

  • Porter Chocolate Necklace (¥ 3,990)
  • Porter Chocolate bracelet (¥ 3,150)
  • Porter Chocolate Ring (¥ 1,890)
  • Chocolate Ring (¥ 1,890)

Release date is the end of August (tentative).
Update 8/19 – More images

Musee du Chocolate

58209 58208 58207
Official AP Images from Website / Tokyo Blog

tumblr_mqf7hiwP5f1s9hxveo6_1280 tumblr_mqf7hiwP5f1s9hxveo8_1280 tumblr_mqf7hiwP5f1s9hxveo7_1280 tumblr_mqf7hiwP5f1s9hxveo1_r1_1280 tumblr_mqf7hiwP5f1s9hxveo3_1280 tumblr_mqf7hiwP5f1s9hxveo5_1280 tumblr_mqf7hiwP5f1s9hxveo2_1280 tumblr_mqf7hiwP5f1s9hxveo4_r1_1280 tumblr_mqe8yafpk71s9hxveo1_1280tumblr_mqdkzscb591s9hxveo1_1280
Phone snaps from my issue of Kera

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