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Coord Post – Toy March at Fiesta Asia & National Zoo


Quick outfit rundown
Angelic Pretty: Toy March Jumper Skirt, Toy March Headbow, Pink Headbow, Star Night Necklace, British Ribbon Necklace, Carousel Necklace, Socks, pony ring and bangle, pink star bangle, parasol, strapped barrette (pinned to side of waist), ruffled badge
Vivienne Westwood x Melissa: ShoesBodyline: Blouse
Paris Kids: Gold pearl necklace
Chocomint: 2 Way Stars (pink and gold), pink/black/red heart and star beaded bracelets, bow rings (red and pink)
Meta: Large pink bow bangle
6% DokiDoki: Black heart beaded bracelet
Dollar Store: Gold Star Bangle

On Saturday we had a meetup at Fiesta Asia and the National Zoo (it was actually two meetups that both ended up on the same day, so we just sort of smooshed them into one)

It rained on and off all day, so we ended up seeing part of the parade at Fiesta Asia, an exhibit about the costumes of the Russian Ballet (~1900-1920, I think?) at one of the Smithsonian art museums that we ducked into for lunch, and then part of the zoo before, and then there was sushi at Union station, but I ducked out to take the train home before that because I was feeling really tired (and I don’t like sushi).

Imani got the guard at the museum to take a picture for us, so here is the morning group (photo swiped from Imani).
Metro Lolita

By afternoon, we had a totally different group, because people kept coming and going!

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