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Winter 2020-2021 Lucky Pack Round Up!

Lucky Packs, or “Fukubukuro” / 福袋 (sometimes called “Lucky Bags”, “Happy Bags”, “Happy Packs”, “Happy Sets” or sometimes “Special Sets”) are blind bags of clearance merchandise that you can buy from Japanese stores at the end of the year. It’s believed that keeping old things into the new year is bad luck, so to get rid of all of last year’s clearance that didn’t sell in winter clearance sales, shops will put it in these blind bags and then sell them at a huge discount. It’s a great way to get a lot of brand new stuff for very cheap… as long as you like and fit into pretty much everything a brand makes. Be aware though; you will not get the best selling, most perfect item from the brand of your dreams. If they had a dud item this season, chances are that’s what you are going to get.

It’s become a little like “black friday” in the United States where some stores that don’t have great things to put on sale (maybe they just don’t have a lot of clearance) will often stock a limited number of a specific item just for these sales. In these cases, they usually call them “Special Sets”, instead of “Lucky Packs”. These bags can contain either all items that were made just for these sets, or a mix of special items and clearance. Baby the Stars Shine Bright and Angelic Pretty both design new prints for their new years special sets. While Metamorphose is known to use leftover material to make skirts and dresses in simple patterns.

The list got super long in the last few last years, so I’m including a quick-jump list. I’m also not including anything outside of Japan this year (at least not yet), again, just to keep this manageable.

This year, with the pandemic, everything is kind of weird. A lot of brands did a random early November release? And/or released on December 1st. It feels like each year they push slightly closer to black friday.

Japanese Brands

Abilletage | Angelic PrettyAmavel | An Mille | Ank Rouge | Atelier Pierrot | Axes Femme | Baby the Stars Shine Bright  | Enchantlic Enchantilly | Favorite One | Honey Cinnamon | Innocent World | Marble | Metamorphose | Miho Matsuda | Moi Meme Moitie | Rose Marie Seoir | To Alice



Angelic Pretty [source]

Online Shop will start reservation from 15:00 on December 19, 2020
This is different from normal, normally, they so 12:00. So, in EST (New York, USA) time, this is 1am on the 19th, if my back of the napkin math is correct.

2021 Happy Pack (☆2021ハッピーパック☆)
2021 Angelic Pretty Cabinet Happy Pack ( 2021エンジェリックプリティキャビネットハッピーパック)
Angelic Pretty Original Print Happy Pack ( 2021 Angelic PrettyオリジナルプリントHappy Pack)
¥ 22,000 (tax included)

I have no idea what キャビネット means in this context. They list is as original print in the blog. I’ve put both names. I don’t know if they mean “mystery” or if it’s literally a hint about the print? or if it’s just a 2nd way to say the same thing? Beats me. I just woke up.

Pack Style A Contents:
JSK (print) x 1
Headbow x 1

Pack Style B Contents:
Salopette (print) x 1
Barrette x 1

You will not be able to pick which pack style you get, or what color you get, it will be random.

The print won’t be announced until it goes live.

Cream cookie collection high waist jumper skirt set
28,380 yen (tax)
Features Ivory x Wine Ivory x brown yellow x brown

Honey Cake Confectionery set
¥ 19,580 (tax)

There are two colorways of this, Yellow x Brown, which will be online and Ivory x Brown which is limited to in-store. Fit-wise, a semi-similar item from the past ran small, so, I guess keep that in mine?

Rose tea garden skirt
27,280 yen
Pink, green, navy, black

There is a note here that says “※渋谷店のみの入荷予定となります。” Which I think means that this is limited to only the Shibuya shop.

All packs will ship after Jan 1, until Jan 1, it’s all pre-reservations.

More sources [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]

Atelier Pierrot


Amavel [Source]

We will start accepting reservations for ◆ Amavel 2021 lucky bag ◆ from Wednesday, December 02, 2020.

◆ Amavel 2021 lucky bag ◆ 5 points SET (without coat) 9,999 yen 

Set includes 5 items:

  • Coat x 1
  • dress x 1
  • blouse x 1
  • jumper skirt x 1
  • cardigan x 1
  • original socks x 1
    +¥ 2,000 points (¥ 2,000 points x 1 times)

◆ Amavel 2021 lucky bag ◆ 6 points SET (with coat) 14,300 yen 

Set includes 6 items:

  • Coat x 1
  • dress x 1
  • blouse x 1
  • jumper skirt x 1
  • cardigan x 1
  • original socks x 1
    +¥ 4,000 points (¥ 2,000 points x 2 times)

An MILLE / Evelyn [Source]

12/3 (Thursday) 18: 00-Reservation starts!
* Delivery will be made after January 2, 2021.


Items will be random and will always contain 5 items.
The size is free size (so… Japanese medium).
Equivalent to approximately 27,500 yen (excluding tax)

【evelyn】WEB限定2020年WINTER HAPPY BAG(福袋)

This is a evelyn lucky bag limited to the WEB.
Items will be random and will always contain 5 items.
The size is one-size-fits-all. (so… Japanese medium)
Equivalent to approximately 28,100 yen (excluding tax)

Ank Rouge


Axes Femme [Source]

They launched way early (early November) this year and everything is already sold out online. You may however be able to make a reservation with a shopping service for in-store ones still.

2021 kawaii lucky bag 
¥ 22,000

[5 items ♪]
・ Outerwear
・ Jumper skirt
・ Skirt
・ Blouse
・ Hat

[COMMENT] Introducing a lucky bag that completes dolly coordination from the special item of the kawaii line! The original printed British jumper skirt and striped skirt that can only be obtained with this lucky bag are included! As it is a luxurious set containing 5 items including outerwear, it is a luxurious lucky bag that is also recommended for those who purchase the kawaii line for the first time ♪

2021 POETIQUE lucky bag
 ¥ 13,200 

[5 items ♪]
・ Outerwear
・ One piece
・ Skirt
・ Knit vest
・ Blouse

[COMMENT] A girly-style lucky bag packed with girls’ favorites presented by POETIQUE. Depending on the combination, it can be a girly or casual mix … An item that you can enjoy total coordination that makes an outstanding performance in various scenes ♪ A romantic lineup that includes original prints that feel spring.

2021 axes femme lucky bag
¥ 11,000

[5 items ♪]
・ Outerwear
・ dress
・pullover x 2

[COMMENT] A hearty lucky bag that incorporates the classical taste of axes femme into casual items that are easy to use. You can enjoy various styling depending on how to match and stack. Purchasing axes femme for the first time … We have packed a lot of items that are easy for such customers to pick up and wear. A fun item once a year ♪

(Kids) 2021 lucky bag L size (130cm) / (Kids) 2021 lucky bag XL size  (140cm)
 ¥ 8,800

[5 items ♪]
・ Outerwear
・ One piece × 2
・ Skirt
・ Pullover

[COMMENT] A lucky bag that is particular about the girlyness of axes femme that satisfies the fashionable hearts of girls. There are items with outstanding wearing power such as pullovers that can be used as innerwear and skirts that you can enjoy layering like a petite skirt, so many growing girls can wear it for a long time ♪ A gentle color that makes you look forward to the arrival of spring We have items of taste.

2021 online limited lucky bag
¥ 11,000 

[6 items ♪]
・One piece

Online shop limited lucky bag will be released this year as well! For those who enjoy the axes femme outfit for the first time and those who have always liked it, we have packed 6 items that will make you smile the moment you open it ♪ I want to have innerwear that is indispensable for layered style and throughout the season It is full of items with outstanding versatility that will make both casual and feminine outfits come true depending on the items you match, such as cardigans. Also pay attention to the feminine original pattern that seems to be axes femme ♪

Baby the Stars Shine Bright [Source]

Enter the lottery here:

Reservation link:

Emily Temple Cute [Source]

These went up December 17th at 10PM New York time (EST)

2021 福袋 (2021 happy bag)
11,000 Yen

Will include 2 dresses, one of them is an original print.

My guess is that means the other is like solid or a polkadot or something like that.

2021 アウターver. 福袋 (2021 outer ver. happy bag)
25,000 Yen

The webshop says it includes 1 winter coat + 1 dress, 2 pieces in total
* 2020 Winter coat is not included. (so it probably is a past season)

The Facebook post says “will include one coat and two dresses (one of them an original print series!).”

Enchantlic Enchantilly [Source]

“We have received many inquiries about lucky bags and other inquiries. We are very sorry, but due to infectious disease countermeasures, all schedules other than those currently decided and announced are undecided. I’m really sorry that I can’t reply to all the customers. Please give priority to the production only now.”

The shop was closed for a while in November due to back orders as well.

Favorite One [Source]

Like last year, these were posted early in November, and there are a bunch of them again. Some are repeats from last year. Do check out the full list. They ship Jan 10th.

Otona Collection
21,490 yen
3 pieces:
Onepiece Dress – x 2
Pettiskirt (underskirt) x 1

The colors are random, but you can select the size (M or LL)

Favorite Original OP Collection
18,980 yen
3 pieces:
Onepiece Dress – x 2
Hat x 1

The colors are random, but you can select the size (M/L or LL)

Fairy Tale Lucky Bag (Size M) // Fairy Tale Lucky Bag (Size LL)
23,980 yen
3 pieces:
British Check Blouse OP x 1
Randomly selected dress x1
Either another randomly selected dress, or a cardigan x 1

This one is listed twice, instead of having the size a selector, but the sizes are M or LL.

Fairytale Random Lucky Bag
19,980 yen
30,000 – 40,000 yen in value, and truly random. Can contain blouses, dresses, etc, it basically makes 0 promises except that it’s all original items they designed. You can select M~L or LL size.

Honey Cinnamon

Next batch releases on December 9th at 10:00

♡ Honey Cinnamon 2021 HAPPY BAG 《Girly》
11,000 yen
5 pieces, as shown

☆ Honey Cinnamon 2021 HAPPY BAG 《UNISEX》
11,000 yen
5 pieces as shown

Innocent World

Surprise! Innocent World is releasing another lucky pack! It will be released December 14th, 2020 (Japanese Time)

2021 Happy Pack 17,000yen Set

It appears to be a small pack with a dress, blouse and socks. They say in the description that the total value is between 42,500 yen and 51,000 yen retail value.

Two sizes are available, M or L, and the size will apply to the dress and blouse. Pieces with shirring may also be included in both sets.

 MSize SetLSize Set
Contentclothes in Medium and socks.clothes in Large and socks.
BustApproximately 85 cm – 98 cmApproximately 89 cm – 102 cm
WaistApproximately 64 cm – 81 cmApproximately 68 cm – 85 cm

Innocent World dropped these with only a day’s warning on November 27th, so they are long gone, but I’m documenting them for the curious.

2021 Happy Pack 30,000yen Set

3 Items
Renee OP X 1
Orgia OTKs X 1
Random OP or JSK X 1

You can select the size, and for the Renee OP you can also select the color

2021 Happy Pack 50,000yen Set

At least 3 items:
Renee OP X 1
Orgia OTKs X 1
Random other clothing and accessories for a total value of 130,000 yen

You can select the size, and for the Renee OP you can also select the color

2021 Happy Pack 80,000yen Set

At least 3 items:
Renee OP X 1
Orgia OTKs X 1
Random other clothing and accessories for a total value of 210,000 yen

You can select the size, and for the Renee OP you can also select the color



Metamorphose [Source]

Bianca Dress Set – Winter Special Set 2021
22,000 Yen

Two colors, you select your color ((Off White×Green Plaid) or (Navy×Red Plaid)).

JSK x 1
Hat x 1

Pre-Order Starts
Online: around 5:00 p.m. on December 18th (Fri) (JST)
In-Store: opening time on December 19th (Sat)

Estimated Arrival Date
Online: around late December 2020
In-Store: the first business day of 2021

★Length: BC-77cm(30.3in) / BNP-96cm(37.7in)
★Bust: 86cm(33.8in) ~ approx. max 120m(47.2in)
★Waist: 70cm(27.5in) ~ approx. max 105cm(41.3in)
★Skirt Length: WL-60cm(23.6in)

Miho Matsuda

Happy Set lucky bag
29,700 yen
A 43,450 yen value, this set contains a corset skirt, blouse and tights. As pictured.

You can also have a shopping service reserve it online for pick up at Laforet Harajuku:

Moi Meme Moitie [Source]

New Release † 2021 Winter Special Set
22.000JPY (+tax)

A combined value of over 38.000JPY.

OP x 1 (Black or Black x white)
Mask x 1
Small Items x 1~2 (Clearance items)

Reservation: December 18, 6pm JST ~ December 23, 23:59 JST

Expected to ship in mid-January 2021(shipment date is subject to change)

Length・91cm (81.5cm from back center neckline)
Sleeve length・20.5cm
Sleeve opening circumference・25~40cm
Hem circumference・208cm

※OP and mask will be released separately in 2021
※OP comes in black x black lace and black x black/white lace. Each set contains one OP in a random colorway, is not possible to specify a preferred lace color.

Rose Marie Seoir

Happy Bag ♡20,000 Yen
Contains a total of about 60,000 yen worth of items such as clothes and accessories. 

Happy Bag ♡ (accessories)5,000 yen
contains about 15,000 yen worth of accessories.
(Socks and pouches may be included, but clothes, shoes, and bags are not included.

Happy Bag ♡ 10,000 yen (KIDS)10,000 yen
Two pieces of clothes of the same size are included (Size 120 or 140).
because it happens every time I post about kid’s clothing, 120 and 140 are not bust/waist measurements. They are children’s heights. These clothes are for children who are around 4-feet tall.

To Alice (Japan) [Source]

To Alice is technically a Chinese brand, and I know I said I wasn’t going to do non-Japanese brands to try to keep this list reasonably short, but they have a Japanese retail shop and they announced lucky packs specifically for their Japanese Shop, and I included it last year. Here is there Japanese webshop:

Taisho Roman Lucky Bag-S size // [Taisho Roman Lucky Bag-M size
17,800 yen
Available December 1st to December 21st
You get exactly what is pictured, which is the JSK with apron, a kimono style blouse, the jacket, the bag, the maid headdress and a fur collar.

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