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Lolita Blog Carnival: 5 Holiday Gift Ideas For The Lolita On Your List

It’s super close to Christmas (December 22nd to be exact), so I’ve decided to bend the topic a little and do 5 last minute holiday gift ideas instead.

1. A Digital Gift Card to A Lolita Webshop

A handful of Lolita Webshops offer gift certificates, most are digital. In most cases, you will need to know their email address to send it to them.

If they mostly wear pastel pink, or things with fruits or bears or other super cutesy things, try Angelic Pretty USA. Tip: Print out the gift certificate image and wrap it up or put it in a card for a tangible part of the gift.

If they wear more old fashioned, punk or gothic looking things, try a gift card to Harajuku Hearts.

Kuro Shiro Kawaii also has a gift card, I would recommend them if you know the person you are buying for is a big fan of the brand Metamorphose.

Shopping for someone who is passionate about ethical wages and shopping small/local? Or unsure which to go with? Try The Lolita Collective gift card. The Lolita Collective sells on behalf of dozens of small independent artists. Another advantage to the lolita collective is that they have a wider range of price points and more accessories and other small items, so the person you are buying for is more likely to be able to find something they like that costs the same as the gift card for cards under $100.

2. Bring the Tea Party to them with French Macrons and Specialty Tea

Try this search for French Macarons near me, or search online for local bakeries that have retail shops. I recommend calling ahead and asking if they sell French Macrons that you could come pick up today. If you can’t get Macrons, consider baking scones or another tea time treat yourself. (Note: Macrons are not beginner level baking).

Pick up some specialty tea from a local tea shop (Tea Shop near me), if you aren’t sure if they are an avid tea drinker, ask the clerk for recommendations. I find that teas with peaches or other fruit notes tend to still be popular with those who aren’t super serious tea drinkers. Tea that is pretty, like tea with dried roses in it, can also be great for a gift. If you aren’t sure if the person has one, add in a tea ball / tea strainer (often sold at tea shops).

Or, if you don’t want to go the baked goods route, pair the tea with a cute china tea cup (not the same as a mug*). You can get tea cups at department stores like Macy’s, but I’ve also had luck at stores like Home Goods and Tuesday morning where the price is going to be significantly lower. Both typically have single tea cup and saucer sets. If we are concerned about quality, we want to check the bottom for an indication that it’s bone china and then hold it up to the light. You should be able to see light through the china. The picture or pattern on the china should not cut off abruptly like a sticker / home printed teeshirt. I’ve occasionally seen pieces marked on the bottom with Wedgewood or Royal Albert at discount shops. Both are very well regarded brands.

*If the person you are shopping for values “cuteness” over “fanciness” or “sophisticatedness”, or is the sort that will not use anything that can’t go into the dish washer, a cute mug might be a better fit.

3. A Subscription to Tea Time Magazine

Tea time magazine is great for the lolita who likes to host meetups at their own home, or other venues where they might have to plan a theme and decorate. My grandmother gifted me a subscription and it’s a delight to look through. It has a lot of pictures and recipes for tea foods. If you are looking more for a one-time purchase, try a local bookseller and see if they have a cook book or look book for tea party treats.

4. Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Camera

The Instax camera line is a line of instant cameras, which you can buy all sorts of cute film papers for. It’s also super cute and chunky and best of all, you can buy it at Target today. Another option, which is a little more expensive is their Liplay camera, which isn’t as aesthetic on the outside, BUT it’s digital and they can edit on their phone before printing.

A carry case, extra film, and other accessories make for great pairing gifts with it if you need extra stocking stuffers… just make sure they open those second!

5. A Gift Certificate to a Cosmetic Store or Spa

It’s hard work being that cute. Treat them to a spa day or manicure with a gift card to a local spa or salon. Or, if they are really into makeup, try a gift card to Ulta or Sephora. Want something more tangible? Sheet masks are typically easier to gift than makeup, since they are more of a skin treatment. My local Korean Grocery store (H Mart) has a beauty counter inside, and they sell Korean face products there. They also tend to have a good price for the imported sheet masks. I’ve noticed that American drug stores and makeup shops tend to charge a lot more for the same ones?

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