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Katsucon 2013 Coordinates – Deco Loli!


In February, I attended Katsucon in Washington D.C.

Saturday, I wore Angelic Pretty’s New Year’s Lucky pack print; Dream Fantasy. Below is a photo taken by one of my coworkers who also attended:

Angelic Pretty Dream Fantasy DecoLoli

Quick Rundown:

Here is a close up of all the bracelets on one arm. I actually ended up with a bunch of bruises from them (which happens everytime I wear sweet or decololi to a convention. It’s the clapping! I clap at events and they get knocked together and then I get bruised up! )


I was pretty unsure about the socks, to be honest, because they are a lot darker than a lot of the other purple I had going on. There is some of the same purple in the JSK, and the bowtie, and a couple things in my hair, but, I actually had the Sax Dream Fantasy OTK socks in my purse the whole day, in case I decided I wanted to switch them.


 All the accessories!

On Sunday, I also wore a Deco Lolita Coordinate. This photo is from CaptainBuggy on Flickr, and should link back to the main image (and thus his gallery).
Katsucon 2013

Quick Rundown:

  • Angelic Pretty: JSK (Dream Magic), Pony Skirt, Under Skirt, OTKs, Pink Headbow, Large Red Polkadot Bow on my head, and pink one on my skirt, Star necklace in my hair, Petticoat (1)
  • Baby the Stars Shine Bright: Bag, small red polkadot headbow
  • Bodyline: Blouse (Dyed pink by the amazing Michelle of Belladonna), Shoes, Petticoat (1)
  • Metamorphose: Bangle
  • Chocomint: Pink 2-way stars, Bracelets, Rings, Star Clips, Star Necklace
  • Offbrand: Gold Star Bangle, Tights, Bows
  • Handmade: Polkadot bows from Belladonna

….and, to pre-answer the questions I got over the course of the weekend: On Saturday, I had 42+/-2 things in my hair, on Sunday 60+/-2  (I likely lost a couple bows over the course of the weekend, and I’m missing a lavender shoe bow for sure.). It’s the same wig for both coords (from purple plum; I mix and matched a base and the pigtails from a different set in the same color). I lost my brush and a wristcuff while getting ready (both turned up at home), so I picked up a comb while there. I had to comb the wig out between the two days because the bows seriously frizz out/tangle the curls. I also put in some herbal essences curl silkening detangler, which is what I use on my real hair. It took me 2-3 hours to get ready each day, with more than half of that used just to put bows in my hair.

aaaand, aaaaaaalllllpaca.


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