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Innocent World Happy Pack A (Size L)

Innocent World has lucky packs each winter called “Happy Packs”. This year they had three options, A (30,000 Yen), B (50,000 Yen) and C (80,000 Yen). I ordered the largest C pack, and an A pack (smallest) in size L, because that one had sizes and the others did not. Unfortunately, I got wait listed for the A pack. A while later, IW restocked the A packs, as well as some really weirdly priced packs in size S and M, which had no reference images except for the special dresses. I took the plunge and bought an A pack in size L, but I wish I’d gotten one or two of the other ones instead, because I didn’t get any of the special dresses at all. Ah well.

Innocent World Happy Pack Lucky Pack A 2015 Innocent World Happy Pack Lucky Pack A 2015

Here is what I got:

Ball at Versailles JSK

Ball at Versailles JSK – Ivory x Orange x Sage

(so now I have two of this one…)

Icing Cookie JSK – Sax

(So now I have this in two different cuts, and I still don’t really like cookie prints.)


Marcela JSK – Pink

(This is cute, but I don’t think the cut would flatter me, unfortunately)


Blouse 144107 – Cream [L]

(This I like and am keeping. The size M one from the other pack will be sold though)


OTK Socks – Beige x Pink (photo is of wine)

(Ok, so I didn’t take a photo of these, but you can see them in the video, they are the same as above only the bows are pink, I think? So now I have these socks in two different colors. I’ll do what I normally do with IW LP socks; I’ll keep these a year or so and see if I wear them. If I don’t, I’ll sell them. It’s one of those things where they might match something, but also might not, and I like them but… I don’t know off the top of my head what I’d wear them with)


Bow Clip – Beige x Milk Tea

(So, I now have two of these, which is nice because then I can wear them with pigtails if I want.)


Anniversary Happy Pie iPhone Case (for iPhone 5)

(oh nooo! I have an android phone. So this doesn’t fit my phone. I’ll list it for sale I guess.)

I posted a quick (bad quality) opening video to facebook as well.

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