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Lolita Laundry 101 + Brand Washing Guide

I started collecting brand washing information on rufflechat back in 2016, but it never really had an easy to reference home. I’ve created a resource page with that info and also added some basic washing tips. Hope this helps alleviate some of the anxiety people have around washing lolita clothing!

1 comment on “Lolita Laundry 101 + Brand Washing Guide

  1. Since you shared it, I have both the result and question pages bookmarked, so I can add things as I go along and discover new bits. It’s such a shame that now that lolita has become a lot more decentralised compared to the EGL days it’s harder to create a community resource that everyone can use and instead we get people periodically asking the same questions. Which reminds me that I need to add some things that I have that are safe to wash 😛

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