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Registering for Anglic Pretty Japan’s Web Shop

Angelic Pretty has launched their new japanese online shop. You can order from them internationally if you use Tenso.

The first step is to register with Tenso ( if you don’t yet have an account. You will need to verify your identity with them, so it’s best to register well in advance.

The next step is to make a basic account with Angelic Pretty. This will let you get their newsletter. You can make this account even if you do not have a shipping address.

Note: The banners at the top of my screen captures are promising 500 free points (you get points when you shop at AP, and the points can be cashed in later for a discount.) if you sign up by April 18th at 18:00, Japan time. I am posting translated screen captures. Anything in dark red is a spot where I have corrected, added to or clarified the translation given by google translate. Please note that in some cases I have simply provided a general concept using generic terms, not a direct translation (for example, I’ve not bothered directly translating the back buttons). The differences between the actual text and the generic text should not impact your use of the site, and the generic terms are more common on English registration systems and thus are more familiar. Text in light blue are my recommendations and notes.

Angelic Pretty Registration Screen 1

(Screen Capture of the same screen in Japanese)

Confirmation Screen AP Registration

(Screen Capture of the same screen in Japanese)

After you fill out this basic registration page, you will be sent a confirmation email with a link to the second half of registration, it is also shown on the final confirmation screen.


(Screen Capture of the same screen in Japanese)

From there, you get asked your address and personal information. Much of the demographic information is optional, however, I elected to fill it out.


If you don’t know how to write your name in Katakana, try the converter here:
Common names in Katakana can be looked up here:


  • 選択してください – Please select one
  • 公務員 – Public officials
  • コンサルタント – Consultant
  • コンピューター関連技術職 – Computer-related technical positions
  • コンピューター関連以外の技術職 – Technical positions other than computer-related
  • 金融関係 – Finance related
  • 医師 – Doctor
  • 弁護士 – Lawyer
  • 総務・人事・事務 – Human Resources (HR) and administrative
  • 営業・販売 – Sales and marketing
  • 研究・開発 – Research and development
  • 広報・宣伝 – Public relations and advertising
  • 企画・マーケティング – Planning and Marketing
  • デザイン関係 – Design relationship
  • 会社経営・役員 – Company management and officials
  • 出版・マスコミ関係 – Publishing and media representatives
  • 学生・フリーター – Students and part-time workers
  • 主婦 – Housewife
  • その他 – Other

Security Questions

  • 選択してください – Please select one
  • 母親の旧姓は?- Mother’s maiden name?
  • お気に入りのマンガは?- Favorite cartoon?
  • 大好きなペットの名前は?- The name of your favorite pet?
  • 初恋の人の名前は?- The name of your first love?
  • 面白かった映画は?- Favorite movie?
  • 尊敬していた先生の名前は?- The name of the teacher you most respect?
  • 好きな食べ物は? – Favorite food?

Next you will go to a confirmation page. Check your info. Press the left, light pink button to go back if anything is wrong.


And finally, a final thank you for your submission page. If you get to this, you are done!


Happy shopping!

If you see anything that needs corrections, please let me know.

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