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Lolita Blog Carnival: Changes That I Will Make For My Wardrobe In The New Year

So, I’m actually a bit late on this one, but it’s a great Lolita Blog Carnival topic and so I thought I’d go back and write something even though I missed the deadline.

Pink HouseMy wardrobe has changed a bit over the past year, and I forsee it changing more over the next year. For starters, I’ve become more and more enchanted by Pink House, and I’ve started collecting some pieces from them. I’ve been collecting things that are red x white, and with bears or berries as the theme, as well as a little blue x red, and some florals. And one olive skirt that works with the greens in some of my pieces. It’s very light weight and comfortable, but I can still layer a lot up in the winter and not be cold. Pretty win-win.

I’m turning 30 this year, and while I still love lolita and don’t plan on leaving any time soon, I’ve found that I just don’t have the stamina for wearing it that I used to. Maybe it’s how OTT everything has gotten, or maybe it’s just that I’ve been attracted to heavier, more constricting pieces. Either way, I get tired, and I’m looking forward to wearing Pink House and more simple lolita pieces at events when lolita is just too much.

154802-s-03-dlAs for my lolita wardrobe, I’ve continued to sell off a lot of my pink and sax stuff, and I see myself continuing to do that over the next year. Also, I think I likely will let go of a lot of stuff that I don’t wear as frequently, and really start to pare things down to pieces I absolutely love. I’d also like to spend more money on “super basics”, and less on new pieces. “Super Basics”, to me, are basics that are very nice, and would take an outfit from “ok” to “really good”. They are those basics that cost a little more and often get overlooked because there is a cheaper option, that is almost as good. For example, I have a black x off white bolero I got from an IW lucky pack. Perfectly good, servicable bolero. But what I really need is a black x black lace fancy one. I have some offbrand navy heels, but I’d rather upgrade them to brand of VW. Little things like that. Blouses, brand underskirts, better shoes.

I also am going to continue to avoid buying lucky packs and oddment packs from IW and other “great deals”, because I tend to sell pretty much everything. It’s not a great deal when I have to do a lot of work.

Not so much a wardrobe goal, as a closet goal, but I’d like to get organized this next year. I have materials bought to make a giant frame to turn into a jewelry organizer and stuff to make paper-towel headbow organizers, and lots of decorative boxes. I want to get my closet into a tidy, organized state, so I can find thing easily.

I’d like to also get back into downsizing my closet. I want to get back to a point where I’m selling 2-3 things for each thing I buy. I simply don’t need to own as much as I do, especially as many things in my closet do not get worn frequently.

And of course, I want to finish my EGL Wardrobe post this year! Thankfully, I did most of my main pieces very nicely last year, and can re-use a lot of my photos, but I still have to take pictures of everything new this year… and all of my accessories and shoes and non main pieces that I left out last year! Yikes!

While it’s not a personal wardrobe goal, I would also like to get back into digitizing my collection of lolita publications and getting things entered into lolibrary.

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