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How to Buy Putumayo Outside of Japan!

Putumayo is a great wash and wear casual lolita and punk brand. Most of the clothing Putumayo makes can be washed on the gentle cycle in the washing machine on cold (Velveteen or other special fabrics might not be though; I’ve never tried washing anything they have made of velveteen). Because they sell both punk and lolita items, not everything they sell is suitable for lolita. Putumayo’s lolita items tend to be short; I would recommend their pieces for people under 5’4″ (163cm). If you are taller, pay close attention to the lengths of the skirts and dresses. Some of their dresses are longer, but most are pretty short!

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Buying Putumayo New

Harajuku Hearts – Ships worldwide and they can special order anything that is in stock from Japan as long as you meet the minimum order amount.

If you would like an item that is listed in the primary label’s Japan website but is not listed in our store, we can place a special order if the item if it is still available. The rules for special orders are the following:

* $150 Minimum merchandise purchase are required for all Special orders.
* Special order services does not only apply sales, and exclusive regional store items.
* 50% non-refundable deposit required (charged after stock is confirmed and reserved)
* No cancellation, so make sure you’re absolutely sure before you commit.
* Patience, due to the nature of special orders.

Tokyo Rebel – Ships worldwide, and can also special order anything that is in stock in Japan as long as you meet the minimum order rules.

Minimum order: $50 *per item* (unless ordering three or more of the same item)
Maximum order: $1,000

Accessories usually cannot be special ordered in quantities of less than three per item. Please note that we are not a shopping service. We accept special orders as an extra service for the benefit of our customers, but we are a retail store ordering wholesale from our brands, so we cannot easily order single small items.

Putumayo Japan – You can buy from Putumayo Japan directly now using Tenso (Just like with AP Japan!).  There are instructions on the Putumayo site.

Kera Shop – You can use a shopping service like FromJapan to buy Putumayo from Kera Shop online.

Buying Putumayo Used

Putumayo is really, really cheap second hand aside from certain popular pieces!

It’s cheapest to get Putumayo on Auction from Yahoo! Japan Auctions, Mbok or Rakuten Auctions. However, you can also get it pretty cheap from second hand shops.


  • Shop In Wonderland – It’s run by people who are well known as shady people in the lolita community.
  • Toabao – It’s probably fake; a few places make replica Putumayo clothing items that cost more than buying the same thing second hand and are waaaay worse quality.
  • Ebay – Again, it’s often fake, unless it’s second hand, and even then it’s better to stick to reputable second hand sales platforms like lacemarket or egl-comm-sales.

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