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Coming Soon From Angelic Pretty: Fantastic Carnival

In the front few pages of this month’s kera was a tiny teaser for a new Angelic Pretty series, “Fantastic Carnival”.

Keeping with Angelic Pretty’s naming conventions, this is a Carousel Print. For anyone who isn’t as familiar with AP print chronology, the first Carnival (Carousel) “print” AP did was a two-toned applique in 2006 and it was just called Carnival. It was pretty popular, and in 2009, they released a super sweet carousel themed print, which took the same ponies and re-imagined them in candy colors with marshmallow twist stems.

carnival Angelic Pretty

In fact, if you track through each of Angelic Pretty’s Carnival prints, you can see elements from previous Carnival series; it’s a very interesting way of looking at the evolution of sweet lolita, in a way, to see how tastes have changed over the years. Of the prints picture above, most of them sold quite well, the exception being the ones from 2010. So it’s not surprising that Angelic Pretty is releasing yet another Carousel themed print.

For the first time ever though, this one doesn’t feature horses. (Clarification: Candy Sprinkle, the Luckypack print for New Years 2014 had a mix of horses and other animals, and broke weirdly from the normal AP naming convention, so this is not the first time they have had carousel animals that were not horses, but it is the first carousel print to exclusively be other animals.)

Angelic Pretty Fantasic Carnival
Angelic Pretty Fantasic Carnival from @AP_Candy_ on twitter

This print features a fancy carousel bunny rabbit, a cat, and Milky-chan the deer done up as a carousel horse. They are in front of a pale blue sky that is scattered with stars, clouds and a moon, and under a rain of candies, and draped pennants in cute colors.

Angelic Pretty  Fantasic Carnival

(this is a really degraded jpeg that has been going around facebook. I’ll replace this with a crisper photo from my own copy of Kera tonight)

The only confirmed colors so far are mint for the JSK, and pink for the socks.

 Known Item List (will be updated as more info comes in)

Fantastic Carnival Jumperskirt Angelic Pretty Gothic Lolita BibleFantastic Carnival Jumperskirt Angelic Pretty Kera Angelic Pretty Fantastic Carnival JSK

Fantastic Carnival ジャンパースカート (Fantastic Carnival JSK) – 24,800 yen

Known colors: Mint x (yellow or cream)

Angelic Pretty Fantastic Carnival OP GLB

Fantastic Carnival ワンピース (Fantastic Carnival OP) – 25,800 yen

Known colors: Pink

Angelic Pretty Fantastic Carnival OTKs Socks Angelic Pretty Fantastic Carnival OTKs Socks Angelic Pretty Fantastic Carnival OTKs Socks

Fantastic Carnival オーバーニー (Fantastic Carnival OTKs) – 2,500

These apparently have the bunny on the front and the deer on the back. They look to be OTK tights, not knit socks. Known colors: Pink, Lavender (possibly actually a warm blue)

Angelic Pretty Fantastic Bunny Bag Carnival

Fantastic Bunny バッグ (Fantastic Bunny Bag) – Price TBA


@AP_Candy_ also shared a photo from a photoshoot for the next kera which shows a headbow or bonnet that seems to have six-pointed stars on it? Not sure if it’s part of this print, or another….
Angelic Pretty


Update 5/26 – Added OP, lavender OTKs and another image of the green JSK, as well as prices from the GLB

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