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Coord Post: Royal Library at the Baltimore Museum of Art

Yesterday was my birthday, and my local lolita comm, Charm City Lolitas happened to have a meet at the Baltimore Museum of Art, which was awesome. And, as I haven’t any of those awesome JetJ painting dresses, I thought Innocent World’s Royal Library was the next best thing.

Innocent World Royal Library Photo by Casie Smith of Riot Grrl Photography537536_4670486559895_1215165046_n(1)

Photos are by the wonderful Casie Smith of Riot Grrl Photography who took some really lovely photos. I’ve cropped them both to remove other people / bystanders because I didn’t want to post someone else without their permission.

Quick outfit rundown:

  • JSK: Innocent World Royal Library (Wine, Short)
  • OTK: Innocent World
  • Blouse: Innocent World
  • Bolero: Innocent World
  • Headbows: Innocent World
  • Necklace: Innocent World
  • Shoes: Offbrand (Target)
  • Bag: Loris (Taobao)
  • Flowers in Hair: Taobao (forget the shop)

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