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Review: siriusbound – Positive!

Siriusbound is based in France and sells a variety of pins and art prints. I saw a post on Instagram that featured one of their pins and so I clicked through to their shop to take a look.

I ended up buying 3 pins on October 19th (local time) and they shipped less than 24 hours later. International shipping + handling was under $6, which seems really low, but I checked the postal label and a did a conversion, and it seems accurate (Side note: I only do this when I think I may have underpaid so I can offer to pay the extra shipping.). So if you have been holding off on ordering for fear of postage costs to the US, it turns out it’s cheaper than ordering clothes from most local US-based stores that charge shipping.

The package arrived safe and sound on October 28th, which is just a day over 1 week from the shipping date. That is with the reduced flights in and out of the US due to COVID19 right now, so that’s incredibly impressive to me.

It was decorated with the most beautiful tape / seal and I actually ended up cutting the top carefully because I couldn’t bear to cut the pretty seal.

Inside, I found a collection of small treasures…

Two stunning postcards of their art were tucked in with my order, one had a lovely hand written message on the back. The Valentine’s one on the right with the heart scepter is available on their webshop.

Each pin was carefully bundled in a little sachet of black tissue to protect it from getting scratched.

First up is the “Dead Ladies Society – Lady pin“. This pin was $10 (B-grades are available for $7). The pins are well made with flawless mirror smooth enamel, and each is mounted on an artistic backing card like this. I’m really impressed by the level of detail in the bird-cage in center and the way siriusbound has suggested the softness and drape of fabric in such a hard and unforgiving medium.

Next we have “Mourning Maiden – Memento Mori“. This pin is a little smaller and retails for $6 (B-grades are available for $4.50). Memento Mori is a Latin phrase, which loosely translated means “remember death”, or more poetically “Remember, even you shall one day die”. In art, this concept is often represented symbolically by posing a subject with a skull. This pin is significantly more subtle, featuring a stylized “M” in place of the more traditional macabre imagery. However, that’s not a slight, I think that it’s subtly works in it’s favor, as you could easily wear this with a cardigan or blouse in an office setting without anyone batting an eye. Especially if you have a name that starts with “M” as I do. It becomes almost secretly gothic, a message that only those “in” on it will get.

Lastly, I got the “Mourning Maiden – Sewing Scissors” in white. These come in the white I ordered, as well as the same deep onyx black seen in the other two pins. Each pin is just $10, and again, I’m blown away by the details. Something about them just inspires the imagination. I look at them, and I can imaging using a little elegant pair of scissors like this to cut my embroidery floss while sitting by a window and watching the rain. I’m enamored by the idea of them, and with the petite size, the pin is perfectly suited to wearing as a subtle accent across a wide variety of situations.

All in all, I’ve over the moon with my purchases, and I absolutely recommend siriusbound.

You can follow siriusbound on Instagram, and shop for pins or small prints on their shop. Larger format prints (including framed prints) and cards are available from Socity6 or InPrnt.

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