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Coming Soon: Angelic Pretty Etoile Twins


Angelic pretty just formally announced their new series 双子のエトワール or “Etoile Twins”. Those of you who follow their Tokyo blog may have seen these preview images back in December

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When these came out, I know I was squinting at them trying to figure out the print (I cam up with Ballerinas and pairs of ballerinas, and feathers but couldn’t see much more than that!) It turns out that there are swans, feathers, dots, ballerinas, ballet shoes, Angelic Pretty’s name, ribbons, as well as what looks like some sort of gem, crest or egg with a crown on it.

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Color Samples from AP’s Sannomiya blog; Black, Lavender, Pink, White x Sax. It’s a very cute, girly print, though, those who balked at the chiffon overlays used lately might be dismayed to find that the one on the JSK here doesn’t appear to be detachable looking at the pictures (if it is, then they have found an awfully clever way to do it!)


It looks like a relatively small series; Two JSK, Two headbows, a skirt and socks. The strapless JSK is very reminiscent of the one from the Aqua Princess series. Very oddly, the back view for the strapless version is shown in Sax, but it’s not listed as one of the colors on their blog, or the top of this sheet. They have used feathers in the headdress again like they did for the recent angel-themed print, Gloria. As someone who owns quite a few older pieces, I find this to be a slightly worrisome thing; as I can’t see the feathers lasting too long (a pair of feather earrings I bought maybe 3 years ago totally disintegrated in my jewelry box recently).

All in all, it’s a pretty series, and the dresses have lovely styling to go along with the theme, but it’s probably not something I’d pick up.

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