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52 Week Lolita Topic Challenge : The ways in which I do not fit the cliche

Last week, for the 52 Week Lolita Topic Challenge, I looked at 42. The ways in which I fit the cliche, so this week, I’m going to look at it’s match; 43. The ways in which I do not fit the cliche.

GLB35-38 DeorartFor starters, I don’t have a very cute job; I’m a web developer. I write code to make webpages. I don’t sew my own stuff (though I can sew on a basic level), and I’m certainly not a lolita designer. I don’t bake often, and I don’t subside on tea sandwiches. To be totally honest, I don’t even really like real tea all that much; I prefer herbal stuff. I don’t like macrons either. They look like play dough hamburgers. Have you ever tasted play dough? It’s awful! I think about them and all I can think about is that taste!

I am not thin, nor rich, nor pretty.

I’m not even really that nice. I don’t like conflict, and I try to be polite, but that’s not the same as being nice. I need to try harder on that; I hate hurting people’s feelings, and I tend to do so by mistake when I get snarky. So, I guess, I don’t really match the stereo type of the super-mean lolita, nor the super-nice sweet cliche lolita. I’m stuck in the middle wishing I wasn’t what I am.

As far as the fashion goes, I think a large amount of Baby the Stars Shine Bright’s stuff looks frumpy. I hate clunny and other chunky laces. I think deco stuff made with the fake whip cream and clay and stuff is… meh. I’m not really all that impressed by Mana-Sama or MMM, and if I ever bought Iron Gate, I’d spend half the time I wore it wishing it didn’t say vampire romance on it while trying to avoid eye contact with Twilight fans. On that same note, I don’t like the pompoms on the bottom of Puppet Circus either. I don’t even really like pale/muted pastels all that much. They are so boringly washed out.

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