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Sweet Mildred Mini-Review / Patreon Info!

If you haven’t heard of Sweet Mildred, they are a US-based indie brand that sells beautiful hair accessories, handmade clothing and a variety of other accessories.

Over the years, I’ve collected a number of hair accessories from her, which I frequently wear with classic lolita, especially pieces from Innocent World which may not have had statement headpieces available. The ones with the tiny antique books are some of my favorite things in my whole wardrobe.

The black, red x black x gold and the red x ivory ones here are some of the most versatile head pieces I own. Even though two of them were commissioned to match specific pieces, I feel like they match half my wardrobe.

As some of you may know, I sometimes help out with my girlfriend’s indie brand at conventions and because they work together at some conventions, I’ve had the pleasure of working along side the designer, Millie, at Katsucon a number of times. I’m always incredibly impressed by the quality of her work and her dedication.

Earlier this year, I picked up this beautiful JSK from her while working in the Belldaonna / Sweet Mildred booth at Katsucon. It reminds me a lot of Innocent World… except the sizing is larger than the average Innocent World JSK, so it was a really nice, comfortable fit.

The dress is well and solidly constructed with nice lace and quality fabric. The dress was priced at $180, I believe, which is super reasonable for such a high quality garment.

I’m really pleased with the dress, I think it fits well, it’s comfortable and it’s a good value for the money. I would definitely buy from her again.

She started a patreon back in March, and there are a few different tiers.

Insider Club – $1 / month

This tier comes with access to patreon exclusive behind the scenes content, as well as first dibs to her work before it’s available to the public. If you are interested in picking up some of her most popular work, like the Celestial Emissary series which is shown as a skirt at the beginning of the post, joining this tier gives you a bit of an edge compared to the competition.

Birthday Club – $5 / month

This is the tier I signed up for, and it’s my personal favorite. This tier is just slightly more than the insider club, and comes with all the benefits of the insider club… plus a bonus: she will send you a birthday present during your birth month. The longer you have been a birthday club member, the higher value the gift will be.

Earring Club – $15 / month

If you like quirky earrings, this tier is perfect for you. There are two versions of this tier, one comes with surgical steal hooks and the other tier which is a penny more is clip ons. You get all the benefits of the insider club, and then every month you get a pair of cool earrings mailed to you.

I initially joined the Insider club, but then I upped it to the birthday club tier in April, and my birthday is in March. So I was really surprised when she sent me a birthday gift with a sweet note about helping at Katsucon ♥

I’m not sure it really counts as a review for the Patreon, but I love it so much that I wanted to show it off to you all! ♥

I don’t know if you can tell from the photos, but the headband is wrapped in the same fabric as the dress I bought from her and it’s perfectly matched in color. I’m constantly blown away by the level of thoughtfulness and care she puts into everything.

All that said, I encourage you to check out her Etsy shop, and if you are ever stuck on what type of hair accessory you need to match a classic or gothic piece, or if you need a basic solid sweet headbow, check out her store for sure.

Note: while this is not a sponsored / paid post, I know the designer and consider her a friend. I have tried to present an unbiased opinion, but I’m human. So I leave this up to your discretion.

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