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Lolita Blog Carnival : Where Do You Like To Go Dressed In Lolita and/or Where is Your Dream Place To Go?

This week’s prompt for the lolita blog carnival is specifically “Where Do You Like/Would Like To Go Dressed In Lolita”, which I’m interpreting to mean both the places I like to visit, and the places that I wish I could visit.

I think, in a way, there are a few sides to this. First of all, there is the aesthetic side of things. Places that fit with the idea of wearing lolita (and other Jfashion).

Pink house coordinate for a picnic
Pink house coordinate for a picnic

Around this time last year, I went to a picnic meetup at the Historic Hillwood Estate and Gardens, and it was absolutely lovely.

But, at the same time, it was outside, a little wet, and it was hot and I was really worn out, so I wore some of my vintage pink house instead of lolita. And while I enjoyed traipsing around the gardens and eating outside on a picnic blanket in my practical, comfortable, pink house layers…

I have to admit that when we went into the house, I felt terribly under dressed for the splendor around us.

At the same time, there were a lot of places where space was limited, so I feel like perhaps lolita wouldn’t have been practical after all!

I mean, just look at these details! I feel like they just beg for opulence, lace and that sort of classy OTT look that Baby puts into their wedding gowns!

One downside, on the practicality point of visiting formal gardens in lolita is that where I live, at least, it tends to be hot or cold a good part of the year and wet when it’s not. So a parasol (and ideally a sun/rain combo one) is a must!

I have this one Innocent world one that is black (seen to the right) that I use a lot and I really love. A basic black one and/or a basic off white or white one goes a long way with a classic wardrobe! I almost always end up wearing classic to formal gardens, so I rarely get to use my sweet parasols, but a basic white or pink one would work for most sweet lolita. Personally, I wear a lot of red, so I actually have a red and white AP one that I use the most!

I also really like to go to museums in lolita. I’m really lucky in that I live close to Washington D.C., so there are a bunch of really great museums in my area. The only thing is… because they are local, I feel like I don’t make the time to go see them as much! I really would like to change that in the future!

Photo taken by Mel

One thing with museum meetups though, is that some people tend to go for the social aspect or for the aesthetic/ getting good photos and not because they are super interested in spending a lot of time at each display. This can be a problem when you have a large group that is interested in taking photos in a space that may not consider it’s self to be a photo studio. Remember, always be respectful of the space and the other patrons first.

If you really want to take photos at the museum, consider a smaller group so that it’s not as disruptive, or consider splitting into groups once you get there. If you want to go to look at the displays in depth, consider bringing just a small group, or splitting into groups once there based on how much time people want to spend at each display.

Galerie des Glaces (Hall of Mirrors) in the Palace of Versailles, Versailles, France. [source]

As for my dream place(s) to visit in lolita? I think I would really like to see a ballet or orchestra performance, or visit some of the historic castles and palaces in Europe. I know Versailles isn’t particularly keen on people visiting in lolita, but, hey, a girl can dream, right?

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