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Winter 2017-2018 Lucky Pack Round Up!

I’m not doing so great this year, sorry guys. I’m really busy and really tired, but I wanted to try to get some of the info up. Please understand that this is an incomplete list, and not as detailed as past lists because I’m really exhausted.

Lucky Packs, or “Fukubukuro” (sometimes called “Lucky Bags”, “Happy Bags”, “Happy Packs”, “Happy Sets” or sometimes “Special Sets”) are blind bags of clearance merchandise that you can buy from Japanese stores at the end of the year. It’s believed that keeping old things into the new year is bad luck, so to get rid of all of last year’s clearance that didn’t sell in winter clearance sales, shops will put it in these blind bags and then sell them at a huge discount. It’s a great way to get a lot of brand new stuff for very cheap… as long as you like and fit into pretty much everything a brand makes. Be aware though; you will not get the best selling, most perfect item from the brand of your dreams. If they had a dud item this season, chances are that’s what you are going to get.

It’s become a little like “black friday” in the United States where some stores that don’t have great things to put on sale (maybe they just don’t have a lot of clearance) will often stock a limited number of a specific item just for these sales. In these cases, they usually call them “Special Sets”, instead of “Lucky Packs”. These bags can contain either all items that were made just for these sets, or a mix of special items and clearance. Baby the Stars Shine Bright and Angelic Pretty both design new prints for their new years special sets. While Metamorphose is known to use leftover material to make skirts and dresses in simple patterns.

The list got super long in the last few last years, so I’m including a quick-jump list. Brands in the quick jump list which do NOT have links, had lucky packs last year, but have not yet posted lucky pack info for this year. I’m not including anything outside of Japan this year (at least not yet).

Japanese Brands

ALGONQUINSAlice and The Pirates | Angelic PrettyBaby the Stars Shine Bright | Enchantlic Enchantilly | GrimoireInnocent World |  Listen Flavor | Liz Lisa | Marble | Metamorphose  | Milklim | PutumayoSwan Kiss | TOXIC STAR | Wrouge | Victorian Maiden


Japanese Brands



Alice and The Pirates

See: Baby The Stars Shine Bright


Angelic Pretty [Source]

December 1st- Tokyo Shop
December TBA – All others

Angelic Pretty Lucky Pack TOY HARMONY


Set includes JSK, Socks, Petticoat and headbow. 3 colors: Pink, Sax, Black

Baby the Stars Shine Bright [source]

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Lucky Pack

通販限定!アウター入り プレミアムハッピーパック/ Online Limited Outer PREMIUM happy pack – 54,000 yen

17:00 on December 8th

BABY original pattern jumper skirt
PIRATES original pattern jumper skirt
BABY original pattern skirt
Original pattern bonnet

Some items are special products for this pack,
so they have not the same as stock items.
The choice of the color and the items are unacceptable.
It’s not a coordinate set.


Enchantlic Enchantilly

125609960 125609960_o1


2018 Happy Lucky Bag – Payment by paypal – ¥ 22,680

More released on wunderwelt for international! 

HappyBag special unreleased item! It is a luxurious lucky bag containing about 6 items around items total of about 30,000 yen equivalent of dress and set socks entered.

Selling price 21,000 yen (tax excl. Price)
Final Price: 22,680 yen (tax included price) (+Free shipping)

Contains a OP with shirring in the print teased in the close up
Length: 100 cm (BNP ~)
Bust: ~ about 100 cm
West: ~ about 90 cm
Skirt Length: about 55 cm

Two color options, Black and Wine

Shipping is within Japan only, so use Tenso if you want it. There is a listing for bank transfer payment as well, but most people are going to want to use paypal if they are overseas.



Info here:

Innocent World







Listen Flavor [Source]





Liz Lisa [source]

December 1st


【☆ LIZ LISA × MyMelody ☆ bags】
 ¥ 30,000 + TAX

☆ LIZ LISA × MyMelody ☆ Lucky bag detail page is here ♪

LIZ LISA and My Melody ‘s lucky bags that are sold out every year also appear this year!
What a lucky bag limited me Mero!
Dress up with a twin ribbon ♪
A pose looking up from the bouquet
Rare poses never seen before!
It looks like strawberry milk

Pink × Mai Melo’s original pattern is too cute ☆

To my thumbstack carry bag that can also be used for travel
My throat pattern one piece,
knit cardigan,
Knit tops,
My throat pattern skirt,
Inner camisole,
7 points of Mai Mero Charm! !
Luxurious set that can enter a lot and can coordinate 2 ☆


【2018 New Year Lucky Bag ☆】
¥ 12,000 + TAX

Lucky bag that filled in popular item of LIZ LISA ♪

BIG Tote Bag with LIZ LISA logo
There is no doubt that this winter is still active
Flower pattern one piece,
Knitted dress,
4 pieces of inner camisole entered! !
2 Happy set that can be coordinated ☆




Metamorphose [Source]

☆Metamorphose Winter Special Set 2018☆
Pre-order start date: 5pm, December 20th (JST)


Lucky Pack A – 9,000 yen

No color selection
♥ 4 piece set ♥

– 1 skirt
– 1 bloomer
– 1 or 2 accessories
* The accessory is randomly chosen
– 1 pair of socks
* the color is randomly chosen from 3 colors


Lucky Pack B – 6,000 yen

No color selection
♥ 3 piece set ♥
– 1 skirt
– 1 or 2 accessories
* The accessory is randomly chosen
– 1 pair of socks
* the color is randomly chosen from 3 colors


Regimental Stripe Ribbon Shirred Dress Set – 16,000 yen

2 colors, green or grey
♥ 3 piece set ♥
– 1 shirred dress
– 1 pair of ribbon clips
– 1 pair of socks


Snow Party High Waist Dress – 16,000 yen

3 colors (red, navy, black)
♥ 3 piece set ♥
– 1 high waist dress
– 1 logo ribbon clip
– 1 pair of socks


Snow Party Ribbon Shirred Dress – 16,00 yen


3 colors (red, navy, black)
♥ 3 piece set ♥
– 1 Shirred pinafore dress
– 1 pair of ribbon clips
– 1 pair of socks




PUTUMAYO / Putumayo 2018 Lucky bag (2018 LUCKY BAG)

price: ¥ 10,800 (tax not included ¥ 10,000)
Sales period: December 01, 2017 10:00 – December 10, 2017 23:59
Including new volumetric frill skirts, a total of 40,000 yen ~ 50,000 yen equivalent items included Otoku lucky bags ★ 10,800 yen (including tax)
Because it will be limited quantity, sooner!

※ The color of the volley frill skirt can not be chosen.

Size: Ladies size M


PUTUMAYO_75240034b PUTUMAYO_75240034i PUTUMAYO_75240034p

Already sold out, sorry guys

Swan Kiss








Victorian Maiden


Happy Bag – 32,400 yen

Contains a ¥ 64,800 value, ships at the end of December.


Beth Happy Bag – 10,800 yen

Contains a ¥ 21,600 value, ships at the end of December.


Happy Bag – 54,000 yen

Contains a  ¥ 108,000 value. Will ship at the end of december.


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